The OR Today webinar “Health Policy Changes Under the Trump Administration” by Ken Perez was eligible for one (1) continuing education (CE) hour by the State of California Board of Registered Nursing.

This 60-minute pre-recorded webinar featured Ken Perez, vice president of healthcare policy at Omnicell Inc. He discussed the changing sentiments about health policy changes, and the current political battleground in Washington, D.C. Political realities and renewed concerns about health care costs were also covered.

The webinar drew attendees from throughout the country and garnered positive feedback via a post-webinar survey.

“Very knowledgeable, insightful presentation on a topic that is highly important in health care society in general,” S. Smith, vice president, said.

“This webinar cut through the red tape of understanding the problem of reasonably supplying health care to the U.S.,” said Independent Health Consultant E. Kostelnick.

“It gave me a better understanding of the big picture regarding health care costs and reimbursement,” according to one Perioperative Quality & Safety Director.

“The OR Today webinar series events are timely and very well done. Please continue the good work,” an OR Supervisor said.

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