FDA, Cardinal Health Assess Scope of Potential Contamination Risk

Dr. Jeffrey E. Shuren MD, JD, Director - CDRH Offices: Office of the Center Director, released the following statement on Thursday (January 16, 2020): “On Jan. 11 and again on Jan. 15, 2020, medical device manufacturer Cardinal Health alerted its customers to...

U.S Health System Uses Medtronic Stealth Autoguide Cranial Robotic Guidance Platform

Phoenix Children’s Hospital is the first-ever health system in the U.S. to receive and deploy the newly FDA-cleared Medtronic Stealth Autoguide platform.

Cook Medical TriForce Peripheral Crossing Set Now Available

Cook Medical’s TriForce® Peripheral Crossing Set is now commercially available. As of January 2020, these products are available to physicians in the United States to support procedures to treat patients with vascular obstructions.

PENTAX Medical Launches IMAGINA Endoscopy System in U.S.

IMAGINA offers practitioners a modern user interface and unique endoscope design to provide excellent visualization, improve the operator experience and positively influence long-term patient care costs.

Verrix Focuses on Innovation for Sterilization Monitoring at IAHCSMM Annual Conference

Sterile Processing Professionals Provide Insights to Help Guide the Future of Infection Control and Patient Safety

Verrix, a developer of solutions for rapid and accurate sterilization confirmation, engaged with sterile processing professionals while exhibiting at the recent International Association of Healthcare Central Service Materiel Management 2019 Annual Conference & Expo.

Verrix founder and NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory scientist Adrian Ponce, Ph.D., met with conference attendees to share how the company is developing new solutions for healthcare that leverage “rocket science” technology originally invented at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. The Verrix technology is designed to provide sterilization confirmation results with unparalleled speed and accuracy.

During the conference, the company asked attendees to share their vision for the future of infection control and patient safety. “Sterile processing professionals are looking for more advanced technology solutions that will simplify and improve workflows for their increasingly complex jobs,” said Cameron Rouns, Verrix CEO. “Their thoughtful comments highlighted our shared vision for a future with zero healthcare-associated infections from preventable causes.”

Rouns also noted that a critical component of the IAHCSMM annual conference is the opportunity for central service and sterile processing professionals to attain continuing education credits needed for certification. “Verrix strongly supports continuing education and the advancement of the sterile processing profession, and provided several $500 vouchers during the conference to further the educational needs of members,” he said. “As we look toward the future, we will continue listening to sterile processing professionals, supporting their advancement, and innovating based on their needs.”

Verrix asked IAHCSMM attendees to share their vision for the future of infection control and patient safety on its “Conversation Wall.” (Photo: Business Wire)

About Verrix

Verrix is a San Clemente, Calif.-based medical device company that is using the most advanced technologies to help protect patients from healthcare-associated infections. The foundational sterility assurance technology, originally discovered at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, integrates cutting-edge optical physics, chemistry spectroscopy, and molecular biology. Based on scientific expertise and close partnerships with healthcare professionals, Verrix is developing market-changing solutions for sterility assurance, environmental monitoring, and infection control. Visit for more information.



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