Ultrapotent compound may help treat C. diff, reduce recurrence

Clostridioides difficile, or C. diff, is the leading cause of health care-associated infection in the U.S. Only two antibiotics, vancomycin and fidaxomicin, are FDA-approved for the treatment of C. diff, but even these therapies suffer from high treatment failure and...

Tampa General Hospital, Philips announce partnership

The seven-year agreement will upgrade technology throughout the hospital and improve efficiency Tampa General Hospital (TGH) and Royal Philips announced they are creating a long-term strategic partnership designed to keep Tampa General Hospital at the forefront of...

PENTAX Medical Launches Bronchoscopes, Video Processor in U.S.

PENTAX Medical has launched the EB-J10 Series Bronchoscopes in the U.S., with FDA 510(k) clearance, along with a new DEFINA Video Processor. As the newest HD solution in pulmonology, the EB-J10 Series Bronchoscopes offer crisp, HD visualization of the bronchus, along...

Nautilus Medical Launches All-in-One DICOM Surgical Recorder

Nautilus Medical Technologies has announced an advanced all-in-one surgery recorder, named TeleRay Record, for use with any endoscope, headset, c-arm, vascular, ultrasound, c-arms and more. Users will be able to store up to 150 hours of HD medical videos form a...

UVC Disinfection Webinar Delivers Valuable Information

The recent OR Today webinar sponsored by Tru-D provided expert insights for attendees. The webinar “Real-World UVC Disinfection Success: A Case Study With Phelps Memorial Health Center” presented by Alice Brewer, Director of Clinical Affairs at Tru-D SmartUVC and Tesha Broadfoot, Quality Leader at Phelps Memorial Health Center, Nebraska, discussed the effectiveness of UVC disinfection and Tru-D’s unique technology as well as how Phelps Memorial Health Center has successfully implemented UVC disinfection for real-world results.

Attendees shared positive reviews regarding the webinar in a follow-up survey.

“Informative presentation that highlighted the importance of staying up to date with current technologies to provide better patient care,” said K. Hayden, OR RN.

“Today’s webinar about UV cleaning and how another hospital has taken steps using UV to decrease hospital-acquired infections gave me some new ideas for actions at my hospitals. Hearing from others with similar issues who take varied approaches is a great way to learn,” said J. Shivers, Director of EVS.

“Presenters were very knowledgeable and the content was very relevant to today’s OR issues. I am unemployed, but find OR Today a great resource to stay current on my educational needs,” said E. Anderson, RN.

“Very informative webinar about this up-and-coming cleaning method,” said D. Pullman, CRNFA.

“Excellent webinar, very informative, speakers were excellent and gave pertinent and very interesting information,” said S. Ellis, RN Quality.

The overall webinar series also received praise from attendees.

“OR Today webinars provide valuable information for a fairly novice OR supervisor,” said J. Brumbaugh, OR Supervisor.

“It is very convenient to obtain CE per webinar technology instead of having to travel and pay for tuition, etc. Your topics are current, and are easy to listen to.  Keep up the good work,” said M. Blacharski, Retired RN.

“OR Today’s webinar series is always very interesting and usually pertinent to my role and facility. Even when the topic is not necessarily something that will benefit my facility or my role, I still learn so much from participating in the webinars. I also find the webinars are always up-to-date and current to what is happening in the ORs and hospitals in today’s health care environment,” said S. White, RN, CNOR, CIC.

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  1. UVC DISINFECTION WEBINAR DELIVERS VALUABLE INFORMATION Tru-D SmartUVC - […] For additional information, click here. […]

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