US Endoscopy, a endoscopy device design and manufacturing company, has announced the release of the Revital-Ox Bedside Concentrate pre-cleaning kit – an all-in-one, enzymatic detergent and impregnated sponge designed for bedside pre-cleaning of flexible and rigid endoscopes, accessories and other medical devices.

Joining the Revital-Ox family of products, the Revital-Ox Bedside Concentrate pre-cleaning kit is an add-water option kit supporting proper bedside pre-cleaning every time. The concentrated detergent is packaged in a lay-flat pouch that converts to a stand-up pouch when ready to mix. The kit includes a free-rinsing enzymatic detergent that washes away residue as well as a flat, krinkle sponge to accommodate the diameter of larger endoscopes.

“US Endoscopy is committed to offering a complete solution to support our customers through each step of the endoscope reprocessing cycle,” says Tony Siracusa, vice president and general manager of US Endoscopy. “The new Revital-Ox Bedside Concentrate pre-cleaning kit is another valuable product that allows for adherence to industry guidelines helping to provide peace of mind to hospitals, staff and patients.”