As every OR staff member knows, any material entering the sterile field during surgery needs to be as free from contaminates as possible in order to prevent surgical site infection. Because IMP’s lint-free Universal SteriBump positioner is designed for single use, there is no possibility of cross contamination. Its guaranteed sterility frees up operating room personnel from having to bundle together sterile towels and other cloths to create a makeshift limb support, saving valuable OR and sterile processing departments’ time.

Safer for the patient than cloth bundling, the Universal SteriBump is a contoured, polyurethane foam block that is latex-free with a closed cell geometry that doesn’t have the particulate breakdown of cloth. Protected by guaranteed sterile packaging, and ready to use for multiple applications, the SteriBump is cost effective, guaranteeing product sterility, while providing the patient and the surgical team a physical platform that can securely elevate a patient’s limb in the sterile field when required.

Also, the SuperBump is a guaranteed, sterile, weighted bump, employed when simplicity is all a surgical team needs for a knee procedure. The SuperBump can be positioned on top of the OR table’s drapes, at any location, eliminating the need for OR personnel to go under the table drapes to reposition makeshift bumps or barriers.