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Total Scope Inc. Announces the Acquisition of EndoCart

Total Scope Inc. (TSI), a medical device repair company, recently acquired EndoCart from EndoChoice, a Boston Scientific company. This purchase, along with Total Scope’s recent entry into the used endoscopy equipment market further expands the company’s products and services.

Ann Glavin, CEO and founder of TSI, explains the acquisition.

“Total Scope Inc. has become a trusted source for hospitals and ambulatory care centers for over 25 years. Our customers asked us to get more involved in helping them solve the challenges they face every day in the procedure room, so when the opportunity presented itself to become involved in procedure carts we jumped at the chance because we knew it would help both our customers and our organization,” Galvin said.

EndoCart is one of only a few brands of endoscopy carts on the market. They are fully customizable and come with an 18-month warranty. There are three different models available: the Standard, the Deluxe and the Motorized Deluxe.

The Standard model is the smallest version available and is simply an endoscopy tower. This type of cart is ideal for small spaces and for those on a budget. The Deluxe model is larger and is a full endoscopy trolley. There is room for more customization, with the option to add drawers and additional features. The Motorized Deluxe model has the same specifications of the Deluxe model, but with an added motor. This makes it even easier to maneuver and reduces injuries.

Customers can also choose the type of monitor stand, monitor mount and various accessories to add on to their cart. Accessories include shelves, storage baskets, a scope hanger and drawers.

The Endocart was designed by GI nurses, for GI nurses.

“The TSI Endocart comes in a variety of models to maximize value and efficiency for procedure rooms worldwide. Every aspect of the Endocart is engineered to make it durable yet light weight enough to move with almost a single touch. The one touch motorized cart allows the nurse or tech to travel from procedure room to procedure room on different floors and different departments. The simple but efficient design limits injuries and makes nurses happier,” TSI President Denis Kennedy said.

For more information on the various models available and to customize an EndoCart of your choice, visit


About Total Scope, Inc.

Total Scope, Inc. (TSI) is an industry leader in third party repairs of flexible and rigid endoscopes, as well as surgical cameras and instruments. The company was the first in its industry to receive the ISO 13485 certification. TSI and its service centers offer high quality repairs at a lower cost.

The company’s core values include quality, partnership, customer service, convenience, efficiency, education and affordability. As a woman-owned business, TSI supports diversity throughout its community while maintaining a history of supportive initiatives through various outreach programs.

In June 2018, Boston Scientific entered into an agreement with Total Scope, Inc. to offer customers an alternative to OEM and third-party scope repair services. The co-exclusive agreement allows Boston Scientific to offer scope repair services to hospital and ambulatory surgical center customers.


To visit TSI on Facebook, click HERE, or you can follow the company on Instagram @TotalScopeInc.  For media inquiries, contact Sarah Norcini at or call 800-471-2255.




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