‘Eye-opening’ OR Webinar Receives High Marks

The February 20 OR Today webinar sponsored by RepScrubs was described as “very interesting” and “eye-opening” by more than one attendee. The session “OR Food for Thought – LITERALLY! What Are We Bringing Into Our ORs and Why?” was presented by Dr. John Kutz, FACS,...

Study: UV Technology Raises the Standard in Disinfecting ORs

Ultraviolet (UV) technology developed by the New York-based firm PurpleSun Inc. eliminates more than 96 percent of pathogens in operating rooms (ORs) and on medical equipment, compared to 38 percent using manual cleaning methods that rely on chemicals to disinfect...

Agiliti Acquires Mobile Instrument Service & Repair Inc.

Agiliti Inc. has acquired Mobile Instrument Service & Repair Inc., the third largest provider, by revenue, of surgical equipment repair services to the U.S. health care industry. The transaction was priced at 11x the company’s 2019 Adjusted EBITDA. “Mobile...

Northwell to Open 4 Cardiac Catheterization Labs

Three Northwell Health facilities – Lenox Health Greenwich Village, Mather Hospital in Port Jefferson and Plainview Hospital – have received approval this month from the New York State Health and Health Planning Council to establish cardiac catheterization labs,...

Stereotaxis Announces Next Generation Robotic Magnetic Navigation System and Imaging System

  • Innovative robotic surgery system, Stereotaxis Genesis™ RMN, enriches robotic magnetic navigation with increased efficiency, reduced size, and enhanced lab experience
  • Genesis RMN System to be available in combination with Stereotaxis Imaging Model S, a next- generation x-ray system offered as part of a complete robotic electrophysiology lab solution
  • Combined technologies greatly enhance the accessibility and affordability of robotics in electrophysiology

Stereotaxis (OTCQX: STXS), the global leader in innovative robotic technologies for the treatment of cardiac arrhythmias, introduced today Stereotaxis Genesis RMN, the next- generation robotic platform and a significant advancement in robotic magnetic navigation technology.

“I am excited and pleased to introduce Stereotaxis Genesis, the future of robotic electrophysiology,” said David Fischel, Chairman and CEO of Stereotaxis. “Genesis is a new beginning for Stereotaxis. It is the tangible reflection of Stereotaxis’ commitment to innovation that improves patient care, enhances the physician experience, and enables broad availability of robotic electrophysiology.”

Robotic electrophysiology operating room including Stereotaxis Genesis™ RMN and Stereotaxis Imaging Model S Systems

The Stereotaxis Genesis RMN system provides the established benefits and reliability of robotic magnetic navigation in a highly innovative architecture that is faster, smaller, lighter and more flexible. Since the original launch of the Niobe® I system in 2003, improvements in Stereotaxis’ robotic system have remained iterative. Genesis RMN utilizes novel smaller magnets that rotate along their center of mass and are held by flexible robotic arms. This mechanism allows for instantaneous responsiveness to physician control and the flexibility to accommodate an increased range of motion. The Genesis RMN system’s significant reduction in size will improve the patient experience and provides physicians and nurses greater access to the patient during the procedure. The system represents a platform able to accommodate significant innovation in the future.

Stereotaxis Genesis RMN is being launched concurrently with Stereotaxis Imaging Model S as an integrated complete solution for a robotic interventional operating room. Stereotaxis Imaging Model S is a single-plane full-power x-ray system designed to be specifically available with the Genesis RMN system. It includes the c-arm, powered table, motorized boom, and large high-definition monitors. Developed in collaboration with Omega Medical Imaging, Stereotaxis Imaging incorporates modern fluoroscopy technology designed to support high quality imaging while minimizing radiation exposure for patients and physicians. The combination of Genesis RMN with Stereotaxis Imaging in a tightly integrated fashion significantly reduces the cost of acquisition, the ongoing cost of ownership, and the complexity of installation of a robotic electrophysiology practice.

Transparent view of the Stereotaxis Genesis™ RMN System

“Dr. Natale and I had the opportunity to observe the Genesis and Stereotaxis Imaging systems in person,” said Dr. J. David Burkhardt, cardiac electrophysiologist, Texas Cardiac Arrhythmia Institute at St. David’s Medical Center. “I consider this a significant and impressive leap forward, and am excited to see the positive impact of this innovation on patient care, procedure efficiency and the overall experience in the electrophysiology lab.”

“We are enthusiastic about the reinvigorated robotic innovation by Stereotaxis and are excited to see how this technology advances the field of electrophysiology,” added Dr. Andrea Natale, cardiac electrophysiologist and Executive Medical Director, Texas Cardiac Arrhythmia Institute at St. David’s Medical Center.

Stereotaxis Genesis RMN is CE marked and available for commercialization across various EU geographies. Availability in other global geographies is subject to regulatory approvals, which will be pursued in the coming months. Stereotaxis Imaging Model S has FDA clearance, CE mark, and is commercially available in the US, EU and certain other global geographies. Stereotaxis Imaging Model S is compatible with Niobe.

“It is very exciting and gratifying that we can improve clinical performance, as well as improve physician and patient experiences, while reducing cost. I want to thank the many Stereotaxis team members and external suppliers that made Genesis a reality. We are delighted to collaborate with Omega Medical Imaging and I want to thank them for making the vision of a complete robotic electrophysiology lab a reality,” said David Fischel, Chairman and CEO of Stereotaxis.

“Omega Medical Imaging prides itself on a long-standing commitment to providing the most reliable and technically advanced interventional imaging systems that put patient and staff safety at the forefront. We are excited to partner with Stereotaxis to advance the future of electrophysiology,” said Brian Fleming, President and CEO of Omega Medical Imaging.



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