Staying Positive During the Pandemic

The good news for patients in need of outpatient surgery is that, across the country, health care providers and policymakers have recognized that elective surgery is not the same thing as optional surgery and are allowing ASCs to remain open to provide this care.

Handling of Explanted Medical Devices Addressed in AORN’s Revised Guideline for Specimen Management

SP professionals must manage explants safely and properly any time a request is made to sterilize an explanted device, such a screw, hip, plate and so on, for return to the patient.

Disinfection Methods – Straightforward or Complicated?

With all the different cleaning, disinfecting and sterilizing processes that go on inside of hospitals, I find disinfection to be the most complex and complicated among them.

Steam Sterilization Standard ST79 Receives Community-Driven Update

After three years, a widely used standard in health care and industry has undergone an important update.

[Sponsored] Webinar Sets New Records

The recent Healthmark-sponsored webinar “Always Keep It Clean!” set new registration and attendance records for the OR Today program. More than 400 people registered for the webinars with a confirmed attendance of 187 for the live presentation.

Perioperative Consultant Sharon Van Wicklin, MSN, RN, CNOR, CRNFA(E), CPSN-R, PLNC, FAAN, was the presenter for the webinar “Always Keep It Clean!” As part of the popular webinar, she shared reasons and methods for cleaning verification of surgical instruments and medical devices.

Attendees gleaned several informative tips, including

  • Why having oversight by an interdisciplinary team is important;
  • How to identify areas where cleaning verification is needed;
  • The evidence supporting enhanced visual inspection and cleaning verification; and
  • The types of rapid cleaning verification tests currently available.

Van Wicklin has more than 44 years experience as a perioperative RN and has worked in all facets of the OR environment from scrub person to director. For seven years, she worked as a senior perioperative practice specialist with AORN. She was the lead author for six of the AORN guidelines, including the “Guideline for Processing Flexible Endoscopes.” In 2005, she received the AORN award of excellence for Outstanding Achievement in the Application of Perioperative Clinical Research.

Her presentation was well received by the health care professionals who attended the live webinar.

“That was a great webinar! I have been in sterile processing for 35+ years and Sharon was very precise, informative and presented the information that would be applicable to all groups. Surgery, endoscopy, sterile processing and even brought in the fact the environmental services could benefit from her topic. She was easy to listen to and her slides showed valuable pictures for the attendees,” said P. Sabrosky, Educator/Sales. “I like how engaged the attendees were with the questions! That was a very cool part with surprising outcomes. Great to see that many more are getting engaged in the improving patient safety products that are on the market. I have known the Healthmark family for my whole career, and they have always done things first class. Please say thanks to them as well!”

“I am glad I participated in this great webinar,” she added. “Thanks for the offering!”

OR Today would like to thank Healthmark for serving as a sponsored of the webinar. Since 1969, Healthmark Industries Company Inc. has developed and marketed solutions to aid health care facilities in their delivery of surgical instruments and other lifesaving medical devices to patients. Visit for more information.

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