JointMedica’s Polymotion Hip Resurfacing System Granted Breakthrough Device Designation

Exactech has announced that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has granted a Breakthrough Device Designation for JointMedica’s Polymotion Hip Resurfacing System. Exactech, a minority shareholder of JointMedica Limited, is collaborating with the United...

Paragon 28 Expands Soft Tissue Portfolio

Paragon 28 Inc., a medical device company exclusively focused on the foot and ankle orthopedic market, has announced an expansion of its soft-tissue portfolio with the launch of its Grappler Suture Anchor System. The Grappler Suture Anchor System provides surgeons an...

National Medical Billing Services Acquires Medi-Corp Inc.

National Medical Billing Services, a health care revenue cycle management (RCM) company serving the surgical market, has acquired Medi-Corp Inc., a nationwide RCM services provider specializing in anesthesia, ASCs and pain management. “This partnership will further...

Ga. Governor Signs Surgical Smoke Legislation

Georgia Governor Brian P. Kemp recently signed several bills designed to benefit health care providers and patients in Georgia. The new laws will also strengthen the state's health care system, according to a news release. One piece of legislation signed into law by...

[Sponsored] Healthmark Corporate Profile – Going the Extra Mile

Sponsored by Healthmark

This year has been challenging for the health care industry, businesses and the way we go about our everyday lives. COVID-19 has made us all go the extra mile to think about patients, employees and everyone’s safety overall. Over the years, Healthmark has focused on providing innovative solutions for infection control to health care facilities.

Healthmark Industries was established in 1969 in Grosse Pointe, Michigan by Ralph A. Basile and his wife, Suzanne. After a successful career in medical sales, Ralph decided to start his own company. In the early days, Healthmark was operated out of the family home, for their first generation products. After a few years of success and growing business, Healthmark moved to its first “real” office on the corner of Mack Avenue and Harvard Road in Grosse Pointe Park. Continued success led to the need for a larger facility, and in 1979 Healthmark moved to a building on 9 Mile between Mack and Jefferson in St. Clair Shores. From the beginning, Healthmark operated as a family business. Sons Ralph, Mark and Steve were among Healthmark’s first employees, stamping literature with the company information on a pay-for-piece basis. As time went on, each of the sons, at different times and with different prior experiences, joined the family business and helped it grow. Healthmark’s founder and patriarch, Ralph A. Basile, passed away in 2001 after a battle with cancer. Through the efforts of his wife, three sons, grandchildren and many loyal employees, the company has continued to grow.


Over the years Healthmark has expanded its product line to fit the needs of health care facilities. COVID-19 continues to be a critical issue in health care across the country. Communication is more important than ever. Healthmark developed custom signs and labeling product lines for hospitals and health care facilities to use in the fight against COVID-19. “One of the ongoing challenges in the health care industry is to effectively stay safe as the amount of surgeries increase during these times,” says Ralph Basile, vice president.

Healthmark has always offered products designed to help hospitals and health care facilities provide safe environments. One of the most innovative products for the operating room that Healthmark offers is the Insulation Tester. Designed for electrically testing electrosurgical instruments, the low-frequency high-voltage Insulation Tester is used to detect and locate defects such as pinholes, cracks and bare spots in the jacket or coating of laparoscopic and bi-polar electrosurgical instruments. The Insulation Tester is a handheld, portable unit that tests the insulation integrity of electrosurgical equipment for flaws in protective coatings applied over conductive instrument surfaces in order to prevent inadvertent tissue burns, which may occur during electrosurgical instrument procedures. Manufactured with a rechargeable battery, the Insulation Tester maintains applied test voltage with constant current source, features full test current at low voltages, limited output current for operational safety, easy to read LED Indicators, as well as LED display of alarm and battery charge. The Insulation Tester comes with the following reusable and interchangeable accessories: ground wire with alligator clip, ring electrode, tri-hole electrode, brush electrode, saddle and case. The Bi-Polar Fixture accessory that works in conjunction with the saddle, ground wire and brush electrode can be purchased separately. Additionally, an optional Wire Tester accessory used with an HV Red Lead Wire is available for testing wires by locating and identifying defects such as pinholes or cracks in the conductive core. is a site created by Healthmark where health care professionals can purchase PPE and other attire for individual use. Face masks, Cool Aids and other PPE attire are available as well as socks that are creatively designed to add a little fun to a serious dress code.

Healthmark continuously strives to create educational opportunities for health care professionals to earn CEUs. This past year, Healthmark added free bi-weekly webinars hosted by its clinical educators and other professionals around the industry. Additionally it has added a new “Ask the Educator” podcast, hosted by Kevin Anderson. Both can be registered directly on the website at

In addition to the new webinars and podcasts being offered, Healthmark launched its newest online game on late last year, “The Instrument BodyGuard.” It is another unique free service that Healthmark offers. is a website that consists of educational games designed to teach health care professionals about proper reprocessing of instruments/equipment while earning free CEUs.

“Games are a great way to learn. They simulate experiences that teach you new skills while you’re entertained,” said Basile. “This will be the fifteenth game we have launched on and we are very excited for everyone to play it online.”

At the end of each game, players receive a free CEU by completing a quiz based on what they’ve learned.

If you are looking for industry news, helpful hints and other information, Healthmark produces a weekly newsletter that is distributed to thousands of readers. Each Healthmarket Digest features a story written by a member of the Healthmark team as well as a weekly coupon.

For more information about Healthmark Industries, visit or call 800-521-6224.




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