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[Sponsored] Corporate Profile: The New ACT-Paragon

In December 2018, Jeff Ross, owner and CEO of Advanced Clinical Technology (ACT), made the spirited decision to purchase the assets of Paragon Service. This blending of two companies brings together the strength of Michigan’s biomedical powerhouse, ACT, and one of the nation’s most successful third-party anesthesia equipment specialty companies, Paragon Service.

The newly rebranded ACT-Paragon now offers a full menu of biomedical services for a wide range of health care environments from clinic and surgery centers to hospitals and the O.R. environment that expands well beyond the Michigan border. ACT-Paragon also offers new and refurbished equipment to outfit any of the aforementioned settings. ACT-Paragon is a source for new Mindray Anesthesia machines and monitors, refurbished Sterilizers, Surgical lights, Surgical tables, Stretchers, all makes and models of Anesthesia machines and much more. ACT-Paragon is a “one-stop shop” for customers whether they are outfitting a new surgical center or adding to an existing portfolio. A full list of products and services can be found on the company’s website at

The mission of the newly rebranded ACT-Paragon is to provide innovative health care equipment solutions from the initial purchase and set-up through the ongoing maintenance of the equipment. ACT-Paragon prides itself on making the process as simple as possible for its partners and providing the best customer service available.

A Tale of Two Companies

With 20 years of experience in the medical equipment field, Jeff Ross started Advanced Clinical Technology in 2009. Jeff Ross had a vision to create a company that could provide health care facilities with biomedical equipment services that would be able to support clinics, surgery centers and hospitals. By 2018, ACT had grown to service health care equipment at more than 50 facilities, maintaining a database that included tens of thousands of pieces of equipment and lending support on an as-needed basis to some of Michigan’s largest health care systems.

However, this story starts even earlier.

In 1991, Paragon Service was created following 10 years of anesthesia equipment sales and service. What started as a one-man operation grew into a successful company that marketed specifically to clients in perioperative environments and, more recently, the surgery center niche. Jeff Ross was Paragon Service’s first employee. Paragon Service specialized in anesthesia offering customers new Mindray anesthesia systems and monitors, as well as refurbished anesthesia systems from GE/Ohmeda, North American Drager and Penlon as well as a wide variety of monitoring solutions. Paragon Service also had a highly experienced service force in the Michigan/Ohio/Indiana region. Paragon Service was founded on the basic principles of excellent customer service and customer satisfaction. For over 20 years, they aimed to be the very best at providing innovative solutions for customers’ needs. Jeff Ross was an important part of the growth Paragon Service experienced. He designed some of the processes still being used today.

Jeff Ross left Paragon Service and worked as an equipment coordinator and anesthesia tech at a local health system. Next, he went on to be Director of Operations for a Biomedical company that serviced seven states. Growing and learning prepared him to start ACT in 2009. ACT enjoyed success and grew through the years behind its quality service and specialized expertise in regard to medical equipment.

With the purchase of the assets of Paragon Service in December 2018, another dynamic has been added to the ACT family. Along with an additional 70-plus hospitals and surgery centers, ACT-Paragon now provides a full Medical Equipment Management Plan (MEMP), Alternative Equipment Programs (AEP), life cycle planning, ASC consultations and the same service and support that its partners have come to admire and trust.

Jeff Ross shared more information about ACT-Paragon in a question-and-answer session.

Q: Can you share a little bit about your company’s history and how you achieved success?

Jeff Ross: Long hours and a lot of grit. Advanced Clinical Technology has worked hard for its great success with the biomedical and clinical engineering community while Paragon Service had accomplished the same with the Anesthesia market. The opportunity to combine the two businesses has been beneficial for all involved – the companies, the health care facilities and patients.

Q: What are some advantages that your company has over the competition?

Jeff Ross: ACT-Paragon provides the perfect combination of anesthesia, sterilizer and biomedical sales and service. We can offer our customers a one-stop shopping experience. We also have decades of experience helping customers in a variety of health care settings including, but not limited to, experts in the perioperative setting.

Q: What is on the horizon for your company? How will it evolve in the coming years?

Jeff Ross: We are on track to become one of the largest biomed/anesthesia service and sales companies in the Midwest. We continue to see the company grow as our reputation for quality and customer service continues to grow and attract new customers via word of mouth reviews and advertising.

Q: Can you please describe your company’s facility?

Jeff Ross: We are located in small town America. We utilize 10,000 square feet of warehouse space with office suites and a conference area. We embrace the small-town America vibe while also growing to meet the needs of our growing customer base and corporate America.

Q: Please tell me about your employees?

Jeff Ross: ACT-Paragon consists of 17 highly skilled equipment specialists. Each brings their own unique passion to our new endeavors. We are fortunate to have talented team members who are dedicated to customer service. We would not be as successful as we have been, and continue to be, without the contributions of our talented and loyal team. Also, many of our customers have said that they would like to come work for us over the years. Currently, we have added two of our former customers to our dynamic team.

For more information, call 800-448-0814 or visit



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