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[Sponsored] Corporate Profile: IMP Meets New Rules in Regulatory Compliance Improving Patient Outcomes

Innovative Medical Products Inc.® (IMP) had its start in 1983, when two friends, Alan Wasley and Jim Bailey, got together to resolve a hospital’s dilemma. The challenge ultimately turned into the two colleagues sharing the American dream of opportunity and success.

At the time, Bailey was a distributor for Zimmer in Long Island, New York. Wasley was a manufacturer in the automotive, aerospace and lighting fields with Wasley Products in Plainville, Connecticut. The manufacturing challenge they faced was to design and supply a surgical hip positioner for a hospital in New York City. The project turned out to be not only a manufacturing success, but led to a lifelong partnership between Wasley and Bailey, creating a highly respected, innovative, manufacturing and distribution company in the health care industry.

Since its early beginnings, IMP has grown and become a world leader in surgical patient positioning. The vision of the company’s success has been to design, manufacture and distribute unique, innovative products for a surgical world where patient positioning has been problematic.

IMP’s solutions to universal positioning problems come from years of communication with the best surgeons, the best orthopedic companies and the best hands-on med/surg support teams that shared ideas for surgical improvements and perceptive opinions on how to improve the patient experience and patient outcomes.

Hospitals, ambulatory surgical centers and surgical clinics have seen many changes in the way they operate, bundle services and improve products to become more efficient and cost-effective. Toward that goal, IMP has invested in the latest manufacturing equipment, added personnel, improved data processing and expanded territory coverage, nationally and internationally.

New regulatory labeling, cleaning and sterilization parameters require a company to be responsive and creative to simplify and save time when preparing products for surgical use. Involvement with international associations of central sterile processing and perioperative organizations is useful when complying with world quality and design requirements. Products like IMP’s Universal SteriBump® reduce the potential for infection while providing a stable, rigid bump for positioning instead of rolled towels or cloth bundling.

“The new regulatory issues have changed the nature of the industry just over the past year or two,” IMP President Jim Bailey noted. “Even some major orthopedic companies in the industry find the new regulations to be a challenge, to say the least. For IMP, this means not only complying with the new rules and regulations, but also improving products, features and use, and customer benefits, all to enhance our national and international territorial coverage in the global marketplace. Fortunately, IMP is on top of the game in regulatory compliance.”

Supporting IMP’s global reach is a growing Distributor network, including Lateral Medical. This privately owned Australian company’s commitment to providing innovation in medical products, improving patient care and clinical outcomes across the hospital systems in Australia reflects the core of IMP’s commitment.

IMP’s Commitment to Clean, Sterile and Safe Medical Devices

Recent events in the knee positioner marketplace have shined a bright light on the processes for cleaning and sterilization. As processes and requirements change, materials, methods and designs must also change to meet those requirements. IMP is fully committed to ensuring its products meet these standards. IMP takes this commitment seriously and has invested heavily in its designs, Instructions For Use (IFUs) and cleaning and sterilization validations. IMP’s cleaning and sterilization validations are performed by independent testing facilities using the latest standards. IMP also has relationships with nationally recognized individuals and organizations that are experts in the sterile processing and certification testing professions.

IMP understands that not all sterile processing departments are built the same. Equipment handling, personnel, education and hospital environment are just some of the factors that influence the performance of a department. IMP is willing to work with its customers to assist them in overcoming some of these challenges to ensure the IMP products they are processing meet the set standards.

IMP welcomes readers to browse its website, which offers a surplus of useful information that can be viewed and downloaded. The website also showcases some of IMP’s latest products that feature instructional videos.

IMP has invested in the latest manufacturing equipment, added personnel and improved data processing to meet its customers’ needs.

IMP’s WorldWide Reach

In the ever-changing environment of regulatory compliance, Innovative Medical Products continues to meet both national and international standards for its positioning systems and accessories. IMP is proud of its commitment to meet these stringent requirements while the company continues to make outstanding products that achieve or exceed user expectations.

Supporting IMP’s global reach is a highly qualified network of independent distributors and product representatives that span across the United States, Italy, Japan, Canada, Australia, Russia and Israel. Additional international markets will include Germany, France and the U.K.

IMP’s Made-in-America products are supported by an unflagging resolve to change with the times and adapt to new technologies and industry regulations.

Innovative Medical Products: Growth and Success

Since its beginning in 1983, Innovative Medical Products has been focused on developing and marketing innovative products to benefit and improve efficiency in operating rooms and hospital clinics where patient stability and positioning are required. IMP’s products are designed to provide accuracy for the surgeon, ensure patient safety, save time for O.R. personnel and benefit the overall patient surgical experience.

Advancements in minimally invasive surgical (MIS) procedures and robotic navigation through computer-assisted orthopedic surgery (CAOS) also bring opportunities for IMP to partner with surgeons who are world leaders, and orthopedic companies committed to improving surgical techniques.

Besides supporting its customers with continued education, surgical time efficiencies, product bundling and providing superior products where liability is minimized to institutions, IMP offers its Value Added Commitment (VAC) Program that infuses qualified organizations with true value to markedly improve overall performance. In other words: “Every customer’s business and outcomes are important to IMP.”

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