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[Sponsored] Company Showcase: Collaborative Medical Solutions

Collaborative Medical Solutions Inc. is founded on nearly 20 years of experience helping domestic and international clients manage their previously owned medical imaging equipment. It has been successful in helping clients capture the best value for their used equipment and creating an easy path to upgrade technology.

“Over those years we’ve built a reputation for an excellent customer experience that prioritizes relationships and true solutions,” Collaborative Medical Solutions Inc. Principal Trey McIntyre said. “Now we’ve taken the same principles into endoscopy equipment sales, purchasing and repairs.”

The company’s facility in South Carolina has storage for Olympus, Fuji and Pentax processors and scopes inventory. It also has a QA/QC testing area where everything is verified before shipment, as well as refurbishment capability.

“In our experience, having ready-to-ship inventory is critical to our clients,” he added.

McIntyre shared more about Collaborative Medical Solutions in a recent interview.

He explained that the company provides many advantages that set it apart from the competition.

“We don’t stop short at a ‘buy-sell’ model. It’s a consultative approach, and we look at every client’s needs differently, understanding their unique challenges and finding creative solutions to improve and better manage their endoscopy suite,” he said. “We pride ourselves on making the process easy, providing great value and being well funded to create fast and easy transactions.”

Collaborative Medical Solutions’ core competencies and unique selling points include unique partnerships that help the company excel.

“In the endoscopy space, we’ve partnered with great people that give us decades of experience and who share the same values. Our focus is on the best brands and equipment, including Olympus, Fuji and Pentax. This previously owned technology has a lot of value as part of an overall plan to manage and upgrade endoscopy scopes and equipment,” McIntyre said. “We’re able to show how older or unused equipment can contribute to that larger strategy – there can be value where clients don’t expect it, and that’s why our purchasing programs have been so successful.”

“Our unique approach is comprehensive and brings together quality equipment with creative financial solutions, customizable warranty options and powerful trade-in programs,” he added.

Clients are quick to provide feedback regarding Collaborative Medical Solutions.

“It was a great pleasure working with Trey at Collaborative Medical Solutions,” a client in New York shared. “Not only did he ship the four scopes and the processor in time, he was able to deliver on his promise of great pricing and good quality scopes. He has kept his word at providing loaners at a moment’s notice and time and time again has come up with suggestions for the smooth and efficient functioning of an endoscopy suite. I whole-heartedly endorse him for your endoscopy needs and services.”

Another client discussed the process of selling some of its existing equipment to Collaborative Medical Solutions.

“I just wanted to say thank you and that it has been a pleasure working with [Collaborative Medical Solutions] on the resale of our Pentax endoscopy equipment. The process could not have been simpler from the quote to check in hand,” the client said.

Every business also has challenges.

“It would be impossible to talk about challenges this past year without first pointing to all the health care workers that have been at the frontline for so long, with the world relying on them. Everything else looks small. The endoscopy industry has surely changed as elective procedures are rescheduled and there’s been a lingering uncertainty about what the next few months or even weeks will look like,” McIntyre said. “At the same time, there’s so much opportunity to get creative and work together. We’ve been able to offer unique financial solutions and scopes at price points that help clients keep their technology moving forward. Equally as important, we’ve offered very strong buy-back values for their current equipment, whether it’s to help meet your goals or a much-needed cash injection.”

He said the future appears to be one filled with growth and additional opportunities to help clients provide quality health care to patients.

“We see the business growing over the next few years, both internationally and here in the U.S. We’ll be expanding the team and adding sales staff soon to help launch new offerings. Our clients will be able to tailor financing solutions by working with our great partners. Whether it’s pay-per-procedure or other creative structuring, it’s critical to manage and upgrade technology in these uncertain times,” McIntyre said.

He said the goal for the near future is to start more conversations around what’s possible and finding creative ways to work together.

“Every facility and practice has the opportunity to elevate their endoscopy technology and that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice quality or blow out a budget. We believe that, and that is what we are built to do,” McIntyre said.

“It’s been fun and surprising to see clients’ response to the name Collaborative Medical Solutions. You can name a company anything, and you want to make it memorable; you want it to represent who you are and how you can help. If it’s easy to find on the web, that’s a bonus! But it’s struck a chord with people, and it says something about how we all want to do business. ‘Let’s work together to achieve a common goal.’ It’s simple but says everything,” he explained.

“It may sound silly, but when we collaborate, great things happen. Let’s discuss your needs, and where you see your practice going in the future. We can get there together, and it may be simpler or faster than you think,” he added.

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