Italians Share Novel Operating Room Research Using UVDI-360 Room Sanitizer

UltraViolet Devices Inc. (UVDI) has announced new research demonstrating the UVDI-360 Room Sanitizer’s rapid disinfection of operating rooms between surgical procedures will be presented at this month’s Society for Healthcare Epidemiology of America (SHEA) Spring Conference.

The Joint Commission issues Sentinel Event Alert on optimizing medication safety with smart infusion pumps

A new Sentinel Event Alert from The Joint Commission, “Optimizing smart infusion pump safety with DERS,” describes how built-in dose error reduction software (DERS) can improve patient safety.

Hensler Bone Press Receives CE Certification

Hensler Surgical Technologies has announced its newly obtained CE mark for the Hensler Bone Press (HBP).

Healthmark Offers New Anti-Fatigue Mat

Healthmark Industries has introduced an Anti-Fatigue Mat to its Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) product line.

Smith+Nephew PICO Single Use Negative Pressure Wound Therapy

Smith+Nephew PICO Single Use Negative Pressure Wound Therapy

PICO Single Use Negative Pressure Wound Therapy is a negative pressure wound therapy system that raises the level of care:

  • Indicated for use on closed surgical incisions and open wounds
  • Manages low to moderate levels of exudate[1-3]
  • Delivers compression-like therapy to the wound, wound margin and periwound[4]
  • Canister-free and portable, which can help improve patient mobility and increase[5-6] satisfaction rates[7]
  • Provides therapy for up to 14 days with PICO 14 and 7 days with PICO 7/7Y
  • Waterproof dressing, allowing patients the ability to shower[5]

[1] Malmsjö M. et al. Biological effects of a disposable, canisterless Negative Pressure Wound Therapy system. Eplasty 2014; 14:e15. [2] Data on File DS/18/015/R. Summary Wound Model Report for Opal PICO 7. January 2018 [3] Data on file reference 1102010 – Bacterial Barrier Testing (wet-wet) of PICO dressing with a 7 day test duration against S.marcescens; Helen Lumb, February 2011. [4] Smith & Nephew January 2018. Outcomes following PICO compared to conventional dressings when used prophylactically on closed surgical incisions: systematic literature review and meta-analysis. Internal Report. EO/ AWM/PICO/004/v1. [5] Hurd, T., Trueman, P., & Rossington, A. Use of portable, single use negative pressure wound therapy device in home care patients with low to moderately exuding wounds: a case series. Ostomy Wound Management. Volume 60. Issue 3. March 2014. [6] WMP.11446.UEF/R3 Project Fairbanks Human Factors Summary Report Issue 5. G Walker, May 2017. [7] Kirsner R, Dove C, Reyzelman A, Vayser D, Jaimes H. A prospective, randomized, controlled clinical trial on the efficacy of a single-use negative pressure wound therapy system, compared to traditional negative pressure wound therapy in the treatment of chronic ulcers of the lower extremities. Wound Repair Regen. 2019 Sept;27(5):519-529.



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