Smith & Nephew, a global medical technology business, recently announced completion of the world’s first robotics-assisted bi-cruciate retaining total knee replacement procedures.

The NAVIO robotics-assisted surgical system aids in implanting the Journey II XR (bi-cruciate retaining total knee system) which is one of the only total knee designs allowing retention of the ACL, and is designed to improve patient satisfaction.

With this launch, NAVIO now offers both partial and total knee options that include the first and only robotics-assisted bi-cruciate retaining knee procedure, commercially available.

Doctors Vivek Neginhal, David Rovinsky and David Fabi recently performed the first cases.

The NAVIO is a next generation handheld robotics platform designed to aid surgeons with implant alignment, ligament balancing and bone preparation. The small footprint of NAVIO allows for set up and portability. Furthermore, the NAVIO robotics-assisted system does not require a preoperative image, such as a CT scan. This allows patients to receive the benefits of robotics-assistance without the extra steps, costs and radiation often associated with additional preoperative imaging.