Pure Processing, LLC has introduced the Pure Station medical devices pre-cleaning system, the industry’s first and only portable soaking and irrigating sink system for pre-cleaning surgical instruments and other medical devices. Fitting inside an existing processing sink or on a counter- top, the turnkey Pure Station pre-cleaning system features an integrated irrigating pump that enables the sterile processing technician to easily flush and clear debris from medical devices.

Designed to combat the inherent inefficiencies of manual cleaning, a critical first step in medical device sterile processing, the innovative Pure Station pre-cleaning system brings together highly intuitive features that help reduce techni- cian processing errors, time and cost. Based on preliminary studies conducted by Pure Process- ing, the Pure Station system affords as much as a 79 percent improvement in irrigation effective- ness over the use of a syringe on minimally invasive surgical devices, and as much as a 90 percent reduction in labor to flush those devices, the company says.

These improvements can be attributed primar- ily to the Pure Station pre-cleaning system’s unique fluid-flushing pump which, at the push of a button, creates a pulsating flow of cleaning solution that clears debris and material clogs from medical devices. The pump eliminates the need for technicians to manually and repetitively push large amounts of water through cannulated devices using a syringe — critical steps that may not always be performed optimally due to time constraints, but which are essential for adequate cleaning and infection prevention.

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