Signature Glide surgical gloves

Medline’s Signature Glide gloves feature an inner gel coating made from hydrophilic synthetic polymer, which allows hands to glide into the glove wet or dry. The translucent color provides contrast when double gloving according to AORN recommendations. The smooth, glide finish exterior provides exceptional control and tactile sensitivity. The gloves are low-protein and meet or exceed FDA requirements for pinholes, tears, tensile strength and elongation. The gloves feature anatomical former design that replicates the natural hand shape and a reinforced cuff to reduce roll-down and tearing.

Micro-Touch Surgical Glove

micro touch surgical glove

The Ansell Micro-Touch powdered latex surgical glove has very low levels of protein content to minimize the risk of latex allergies. The glove, made of white natural rubber latex, features an anti-slip bisque finish to improve grip and inverted, beaded cuff to minimize slipping.

B. Braun Vasco OP free surgical gloves

B. Braun’s Vasco OP free sterile surgical gloves are latex-free and powder-free. Made of synthetic polyisoprene, the gloves are suited for surgical procedures in particular where the allergenic impacts of natural rubber must be avoided. Special washing procedures and a net-like inner lining structure are assist with easy donning in single and double gloving. The beaded conical cuff provides a safe border to the gown and adjusted fit on the wrist, while the ergonomic design minimizes hand fatigue. The special friction factor (sliding over polished metal surface) of the Vasco surgical gloves allows both dry and wet grip performance and high acceptance in surgery, the company says.