Italians Share Novel Operating Room Research Using UVDI-360 Room Sanitizer

UltraViolet Devices Inc. (UVDI) has announced new research demonstrating the UVDI-360 Room Sanitizer’s rapid disinfection of operating rooms between surgical procedures will be presented at this month’s Society for Healthcare Epidemiology of America (SHEA) Spring Conference.

The Joint Commission issues Sentinel Event Alert on optimizing medication safety with smart infusion pumps

A new Sentinel Event Alert from The Joint Commission, “Optimizing smart infusion pump safety with DERS,” describes how built-in dose error reduction software (DERS) can improve patient safety.

Hensler Bone Press Receives CE Certification

Hensler Surgical Technologies has announced its newly obtained CE mark for the Hensler Bone Press (HBP).

Healthmark Offers New Anti-Fatigue Mat

Healthmark Industries has introduced an Anti-Fatigue Mat to its Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) product line.

Pinboard – October 2013


1. ColumbiaDoctors Midtown, the new facility for the Columbia faculty practice, won a best in category award for ambulatory care in the 2013 Healthcare Interior Design Competition, held by the International Interior Design Associa- tion. The category recognizes “outstanding originality and excellence in the design and furnishings of health care interior spaces.”

2. Do you get migraines? 

In January 2013, FDA approved an acute medication that uses a widely-prescribed drug for treating migraines (sumatriptan, name brand Imitrex), but delivers the drug through a new mechanism — a transdermal system in the form of a patch that can be wrapped around a patient’s upper arm or thigh.

Named Zecuity, the battery-powered patch is manufac- tured by the pharmaceutical company NuPathe. About 8 inches long and 4 inches wide, it wraps around the arm or thigh much like an ace bandage. It uses an electrical current to move the drug through the skin over the course of four hours. A small battery and computer chip regulate the charge to make sure the patient gets the right dosage.

The patch provides an alternative to pills, nasal sprays and injections.

3. Show Us your Scrubs! 

Whether it is pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month or a rusted orange tone to celebrate fall and the changing of the leaves, we want to see your favorite fall scrubs. What’s new? What matches your personality? Do you have a special set for Halloween? Do you have game day scrubs that you wear during football season? Share your favorites with us. Snap a selfie or a group photo and send it to jwallace@ along with infor- mation about who is in the photo. Be sure to include your contact informa- tion. Your photo could be in the next issue of OR Today. We will even hand out prizes for our favorite photos.

4. October is Breast cancer awareness Month.

For information about breast cancer, screening opportunities and events visit or

5. Smart Snacks 

Most healthy eating plans allow for one or two small snacks a day.

Instead of a high-calorie snack from a vending machine, bring some cut-up vegetables or fruit from home. One snack-sized bag of corn chips (1 ounce) has the same number of calories as a small apple, 1 cup of whole strawberries, AND 1 cup of carrots with 1/4 cup of low-calorie dip. Substitute one or two of these options for the chips, and you will have a satisfying snack with fewer calories.

Most fruits and vegetables provide a snack with about 100 calories or less. A medium size apple has 72 calories and a medium-size banana has 105 calories. A cup of blueberries has 83 calories while a cup of grapes has exactly 100  calories.



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