Staying Positive During the Pandemic

The good news for patients in need of outpatient surgery is that, across the country, health care providers and policymakers have recognized that elective surgery is not the same thing as optional surgery and are allowing ASCs to remain open to provide this care.

Handling of Explanted Medical Devices Addressed in AORN’s Revised Guideline for Specimen Management

SP professionals must manage explants safely and properly any time a request is made to sterilize an explanted device, such a screw, hip, plate and so on, for return to the patient.

Disinfection Methods – Straightforward or Complicated?

With all the different cleaning, disinfecting and sterilizing processes that go on inside of hospitals, I find disinfection to be the most complex and complicated among them.

Steam Sterilization Standard ST79 Receives Community-Driven Update

After three years, a widely used standard in health care and industry has undergone an important update.

Pillow Management Guide Fights Infection

the-pillow-factory-300x167Michelle Daniels, Encompass Director of Marketing for The Pillow Factory, has a mission. Her mission is to fight Hospital Acquired Infections (HAIs) starting with improving pillow management and increasing awareness. The company published a Pillow Management Program Guide in February.

“With decades of experience behind us, we put key points in our guide as a tool for anyone managing health care inventories,” Daniels said.

“HAIs are on the rise, as a growing number of antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria are emerging,” Daniels said. “Soft surfaces are a potential source of contamination posing a significant risk of infection. In a recent study, more than 30 types of bacteria and other pathogens were found on samples of hospital pillows. One out of 20 hospital patients develop an HAI, with an annual cost of $35 billion to the health care industry.”

The Pillow Factory division of Encompass Group wants to be a partner in infection prevention starting with what’s resting under the patient or resident’s head.

“Our trusted, high-quality pillow lines include varied, beneficial choices for patient care and protection,” Daniels said. “Patients are provided the right balance of comfort and performance.”

Current Pillow Factory products include DreamAngel and Brilliance pillows for launderable comfort and performance; RevolutionaryCARE, Easy Care, Comfort Care, CareGuard Plus, Pro-Barrier for fluid and stain resistance; and Fresh Start Personal Pillows for single-patient-use providing maximum breathability and freshness.



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