PatientSafe Solutions is launching a communications-enabled mobile rounding tool enabling clinicians to execute, document, and communicate on clinical and administrative rounding in one unified app.

“We are thrilled to offer this expanded capability on our proven communication and workflow technology,” said Si Luo, president and CEO, PatientSafe Solutions. “While other companies are just beginning to understand and launch applications that combine communication and clinical workflow, our system is already deployed in multiple care settings. Our customers are already finding ways to add to and expand the platform with additional workflows.

With PatientSafe’s advanced rounding tool, nurse leaders and department managers can receive real-time dashboards and actionable, patient-specific notifications so every patient’s needs can be addressed quickly. Trend reports allow executives and nurse leaders to identify units, patients and staff who may need extra attention. The rounding tool is expected to improve the quality of care by providing a checklist-like rounding workflow for safety checks to ensure fewer falls, pressure ulcers and other concerns.

“Rounding provides many benefits, one of the most rewarding for nursing staff is engaging with patients and creating a better care experience for them,” explained Angie Bidleman, CNO at Jane Phillips Medical Center. “Routine nurse visits along with executive rounding allows our hospital to proactively address patient needs, which increases patient satisfaction and our HCAHPS scores, while also reducing nurse interruptions from patient calls.”

Having rounding and clinical communication all in one app also enables the care team to collaborate and resolve patient concerns more quickly and effectively.

“PatientTouch Rounding enables efficient collaboration to address patient pain levels and automates notifications to housekeeping for room service needs. With patient context included in secure messages, the care team receives clear and actionable communication that leads to better care experience,” PatientSafe Vice Presoident of Products Steve Baum explained.

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