Palmero Healthcare offers Dynamic Disposables New Snapeez Face Shields.

“Known for our safety and infection prevention compliance products, we understand the importance of face shields when additional protection is needed to safeguard the entire face from infectious agents,” a press release states.

“Lightweight, disposable, and cost effective, our new Dynamic Disposables Snapeez Face Shields provide extremely comfortable coverage. It’s an addition to our traditional line with an easy-to-use snap-on disposable lens feature. The self-sealing face shields prevent splatter exposure and meet OSHA bloodborne pathogens PPE guidelines,” the release adds.

The Dynamic Disposables are easy to use and remove, and fit comfortably over prescription glasses or goggles. Unlike some systems that use an “eye glass style” frame to support the shield, the lightweight frame does not require a nose bridge for a more-comfortable, more-secure fit.

The full and half shields both use the company’s Ultra-Clear Technology to prevent fogging, glare and static electric buildup. The clear plastic allows for excellent front and peripheral vision with protection.

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