Research: Medical Instrument Processing Personnel May Be Exposed to Tissue, Blood and Patient Fluids Despite PPE

“This pilot documented substantial splashing and droplet dispersal during manual cleaning of medical instruments, and personnel got wet even though they were wearing all the recommended PPE,”

New Scrubs Made of Bacteria-Killing Textile

Livinguard, a Swiss-based leader in self-disinfecting hygiene technology, has launched an apparel line of permanent self-disinfecting scrubs, underscrubs and lab coats utilizing its EPA-registered bacteria-killing textile. Livinguard scrubs, that continuously...

Finnish Startup Surgify Shares New Bone Cutting Technology

Finnish startup Surgify – that recently launched an all-new and innovative surgical technology that allows surgeons to perform surgical operations on bones faster and safer – has seen its first use cases on patients, according to a news release. The first surgeries...

The Four Assumptions of Nursing Competency

Certificates have long been used to signify accomplishments such as earning a credential like CNOR or CNAMB. But significant changes in documentation and verification processes are on the horizon.

OR Today Webinars Provide Free Education

The OR Today webinar series continues to provide free educational opportunities to nurses and perioperative professionals.

One recent webinar, “The Truth about Surgical Asset Automation – Can it really help the OR?,” was presented by Jennifer Zola, RN, BSN, a Sales Consultant for Censis Technologies. Participants learned about the tools available to help support and improve OR management using surgical asset management systems. Zola reviewed required documentation and processes, discussed what can be missed manually, covered how and where automation brings value, and ended her talk with a look at how to chose a partner.

The free webinar was sponsored by Censis Technologies Inc. and received high marks from attendees.

“(The webinar) helped me grasp more of the capabilities and benefits that automation for servicing the instruments and equipment in the OR and outside of it, has to offer (in order) to ensure a safer surgery,” Alain A. remarked.

Another recent OR Today webinar examined evidence-based outcome evaluation.

The webinar “Utilizing Evidence-Based Outcome Evaluation To Simplify Patient Warming” presented by Angie O’Connor, RN, and sponsored by Encompass Group, examined the use of an evidence-based approach to combine best research evidence with best practice knowledge to develop patient-focused strategies to improve outcomes with unplanned hypothermia.

O’Connor’s in-depth presentation provided insights regarding the evolving outpatient surgical population and she described the continuing prevalence of hypothermia. She also provided an understanding of the role of perioperative professionals when it comes to maintaining normothermia. She reviewed typical warming methods, defined Evidence-Based Nursing (EBN), showed how to develop an Evidence-Based Outcome Evaluation (EBOE) process and discussed the use of the EBOE process to simplify patient warming.

O’Connor followed up her educational webinar with a question and answer session providing additional, customized information for attendees.

O’Connor received praise from attendees in post-webinar surveys.

“Great presentation! Opportunity to reflect on current practice and ask the question why … why are we doing it the way we are doing it,” Nancy T. wrote in her survey.

“OR Today always provides informative seminars related to current patient centered care topics,” Nancy C. wrote.

More than 1,000 people have registered to attended OR Today webinars in 2016 and more webinars are on the way.

For information about the free webinars, including a schedule of upcoming presentations, visit



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