EA Health and Synergy Surgicalists Announce Business Merger

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Surgery Exchange Launches Surgery Exchange Network

To cut down on inefficiencies and waste associated with implant procedures, Surgery Exchange is offering enhanced visibility and cost savings to device manufacturers. Surgery Exchange is a specialized suite of software solutions designed to support hospitals with...

SETi Plans Online Sales for Surface Disinfection Device and Portable Air Purifier with Violeds Technology

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Quality improvement initiative certifies surgical residents as bilingual speakers

Communication between patients and health care professionals is essential to the safe and effective delivery of health care. More than 60 million residents of the United States speak a language other than English at home, with approximately 22% self-identifying as...

Nurse Workforce Multiplier and Protection for Combatting the Coronavirus

KnowFalls, a developer of remote patient monitoring systems, announced the immediate availability of a rapid deployment CoronaVirus Remote Patient Monitoring and Engagement Platform. It enables a technician or certified nursing assistant, located at or in proximity of a nursing station, to conduct virtual patient rounds to reduce nursing workloads, virus exposure risks and use of masks/gloves and gowns. The Platform is shipped as a pre-configured, plug and play system with cameras, computer display and accessories within a Pelican case. A Platform can be installed in less than 60 minutes within a hospital, pop-up hospital or assisted living facility. Standard Platform configurations are available for monitoring groups of 8, 16 and 25 patients. Larger group monitoring Platforms and multiple Platform integration are available upon request.

The CoronaVirus Remote Patient Monitoring and Engagement Platform prompts a technician to conduct scheduled virtual rounds, monitor and communicate with patients, record patient activity and conditions and reduce their feeling of isolation. Up to 14 activities and conditions, with the exclusion of patient-video, which is restricted by HIPAA regulations, is recorded. On demand patient and group conditions and trend reports are generated for streamlining patient assessments and follow-up.

Built-On Readily Available Components
The CoronaVirus Remote Patient Monitoring and Engagement Platform integrates off the shelf hardware and software components from large commercial sources, such as Hewlett-Packard, Axis Communications and Netgear, for rapid availability. Plus, all components are second sourced. Platforms can be ordered online and shipped within five business days.

On-Going Development
To enable the mobilization of retired physicians and nurses, a telemedicine option meeting the Medicare reimbursement guideline will be introduced within the next 30 days. It enables remote authorized medical professionals to safely access from their homes or offices, quarantined patients. The goal is to mobilize retired physicians (of the 200,000 that are 60 years of age and over) in combatting the coronavirus. Another feature being considered for inclusion is vital sign monitoring,

Post Pandemic Use
After the pandemic the CoronaVirus Remote Patient Monitoring and Engagement Platform can be modified via a free software upgrade for conversion to a Fall-Risk Patient Monitoring System. With the addition of a proprietary artificial intelligence engine, the System can predict patient-bed exit attempts to enable the healthcare team to successfully intervene. Today, there are between 800,000 to 1 million patient falls costing hospitals on average $6,700 for post injury care which is not reimbursed by Medicare and private insurers.

The CoronaVirus Remote Patient Monitoring and Engagement Platform enables remote technicians to perform virtual patient rounds and generate information for patient assessments by nurses and physicians, while protecting the healthcare staff.

Pat Stevens, Col (R), Adviser.

Pat Stevens, Col (R), Adviser.

About KnowFalls
KnowFalls located in Sarasota, FL developed the CoronaVirus Remote Patient Monitoring and Engagement Platform for the coronavirus can seriously strain local and Florida medical resources. Over 20% of Floridians are at least 65 years of age. And, Sarasota ranks third among Florida counties for its percentage of residents 65 and over; second for those 75 and over, and is No. 1 for the percentage of 85-plus citizens. The average age of the KnowFalls founding team is over 60. The team consists of successful entrepreneurs, healthcare professionals, artificial intelligence experts and software engineers. Advising the team is retired Colonel Pat Stevens who led the Joint Task Force Civil Support Program for preparation and response to chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear attacks.


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