SC Johnson Professional Launches New Healthcare Website

SC Johnson Professional has launched a new website for its healthcare portfolio, SC Johnson Professional Healthcare products contribute to helping to slow the spread of infection within health care facilities, by implementing safety protocols that...

Hologic Debuts Documentary-Style Film Highlighting One Woman’s Breast Cancer Journey Timed to Breast Reconstruction Awareness Day

Global leader in women’s health partners with medical streaming platform, Mediflix, to provide first-of-its-kind awareness and education tool highlighting reconstructive options for breast cancer patients In conjunction with ongoing Breast Cancer Awareness Month...

New Preoperative Surgical Planning Product for Total Hip Arthroplasty

Intellijoint Surgical has announced a new preoperative surgical planning product for total hip arthroplasty. Intellijoint VIEW is a surgical planning software that provides targets for functional cup position accounting for hip-spine relationship and implant...

Fujifilm Launches First FDA Cleared Dual-Channel Endoscope for Upper and Lower Gastrointestinal Applications

Fujifilm will showcase its El-740D/S dual-channel endoscope at the American College of Gastroenterology convention in Las Vegas, October 22-27 FUJIFILM Healthcare Americas Corporation, a provider of endoscopic imaging and endosurgical solutions, has announced the...

Much (Well Deserved) Ado About Mangoes

The most popular fresh fruit on the planet, the mango originated in South Asia, where it was once revered as sacred. Every part of the Imango tree and its fruit has been used in folk remedies there.

It may surprise you to learn that the mango (mangifera A ripe mango can be orange, yellow, red or green, but indica) is in the same family as cashews and pistachios. The sweet, yellow-orange flesh of a mango is packed with a powerful cocktail of 20 different health-protective are delicious alone or paired with other foods. A one-cup serving of sliced mango is an excellent source of vitamins A and c plus 3 grams of fiber. In addition, mangoes provide a variety of antioxidant carotenoids like alpha-carotene, beta-carotene and beta-cryptoxanthin, which lend mangoes the sunny color of their flesh.

Scientists have studied cancer-protective phytonutrients in mangoes and found that, compared to eight other tropical fruits, ripe mangoes contain the highest amount of total polyphenols. Researchers recently analyzed mango juice and juice extract and discovered that certain compounds demonstrate antioxidant activity, cancer growth-halting activity and cancer antipromotion activity. meanwhile, Australian scientists have found that other mango compounds — quercetin and norathyriol — can alter “transcription factors” that might otherwise switch on genes that affect whether specific diseases develop.

A ripe mango can be orange, yellow, red or green, but indica) is in the same family as cashews and pistachios. Soften mangoes further in a paper bag at room temperature. Mangoes are delicious alone or paired with other foods. What other fruit can cozy up to salty and spicy foods, seafood dishes, robust red meats, salads and desserts quite as well as sweet, exotic mango does?

If you’ve never peeled a mango, don’t be intimidated by its large flattened oblong pit. Here’s one method: Peel the skin with a vegetable peeler, then cut a slice off the bottom so it stands up. Stick a corn holder in the top to hold it while you slice the flesh off. or use a mango slicer.

Note: People who are allergic to cashews or natural rubber latex can suffer a potentially serious “cross-reactivity” from eating mango due to similar antigens in the plants. And the skin of a mango can induce a rash in people who are especially sensitive to poison ivy. The flesh is safe for them to eat, so they just need to ask someone else to take on mango-peeling duties.


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