Lazurite a Reseller of LG Surgical Monitors

Medical device and technology company Lazurite Holdings LLC announced that it is working with LG Electronics USA as a reseller of LG’s high-performance surgical display monitors. “We’re delighted to announce that we are working with LG Electronics USA as a reseller of...

Lazurite, Minnetronix Medical Make New Wireless Surgical Camera a Reality

Lazurite and Minnetronix Medical have announced that the ArthroFree Wireless Surgical Camera System has achieved its final major milestone on the way to market: its first successful human use and the completion of its transfer to manufacturing. ArthroFree is the first...

Henry Schein Medical Helps Amplify Value of ASCs

Henry Schein Medical, the U.S. medical business of Henry Schein Inc., is helping to amplify the value ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs) bring to patients, providers and the health care ecosystem overall. The company recently featured key learnings and viewpoints from...

Encompass Presents New Patient Warming Blanket

Encompass Group LLC is showcasing Nova – the patented next generation patient warming blanket at The Georgia Council of perioperative Registered Nurses conference. “Years of research and development have led us to this innovative patient warming system,” says Michelle...

Medline UNITE Launches Calcaneal Fracture Plating System and IM Fibula Implant

Medline UNITE Launches Calcaneal Fracture Plating System and IM Fibula Implant

Medline UNITE Foot & Ankle has announced the launch of its FDA cleared Calcaneal Fracture Plating System and IM Fibula Implant. The national launch of these two products will provide surgeons with a comprehensive titanium foot and ankle trauma system to address nearly all fractures requiring ORIF with plate and screw fixation.

“Obtaining FDA clearance and launching these new implant systems comes on the heels of several other recent, successful launches, including the UNITE Jones Fracture Screw System, UNITE Distal Tibia Plating System, and SYNDEX with Constrictor Technology Knotless Syndesmosis Implant System,” said Scott Goldstein, director of marketing at Medline UNITE Foot & Ankle. “Since Medline UNITE was first established in 2013, we have consistently and intentionally developed systems that offer the latest in implant design and technology, along with unique, bespoke instrumentation, and design rationale continuity across all systems. The result is a complete offering of implants that allows surgeons to treat patients and improve outcomes, with greater intraoperative speed and efficiency in the OR.”

Created around the philosophy of intelligent design, the Medline UNITE Calcaneal Fracture Plating System enables surgeons to handle a broad array of fracture patterns, surgical approaches, and anatomical variations from a single tray. The system is comprised of multiple implant options, including standard, offset, and extension Sinus Tarsi and Perimeter plates, as well as new, large fully threaded 5.5mm and 7.0mm headed cannulated screws. The system also comes equipped with a Sinus Tarsi Extension Plate Inserter, allowing for easy plate insertion and positioning through a sinus tarsi incision, enabling percutaneous screw placement in the posterior tuberosity.

The IM Fibula Implant joins the Medline UNITE Distal Tibia System as a standard option. The novel implant provides surgeons with a new option to treat patients with transverse fibula fractures requiring intramedullary fixation, often associated with distal tibia fractures.

“Unlike a traditional screw, the implant features a special tapered diameter designed specifically to fit within the fibula canal, and a dual-lead thread for faster insertion,” said Dr. Scott B. Shawen, MD of Charlotte, N.C. “It’s also available in lengths ranging from 65 – 150mm and comes standard in the tray, so our hospital and OR staff can avoid the excess cost and inefficiency of needing to locate and pull a separate tray with extra-long screws, such as a pelvic fracture set.”

“At Medline UNITE, we are guided by our design team, which is comprised of multiple fellowship-trained surgeons who bring with them decades of expertise and invaluable insights into the needs of their peers within the foot and ankle subspecialty,” Goldstein continued. “Through our collaboration, we have been able to identify crucial unmet needs and have challenged our engineering and product development teams to help advance clinical performance and improve surgical efficiency through intelligent design.”

Learn more about Medline UNITE’s Foot & Ankle trauma and reconstruction implant solutions at and stay up to date on the latest developments by following the Medline UNITE Foot & Ankle LinkedIn page.



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