The Joint Commission Promotes Psychosocial Well-being of Health Care Professionals

Health care workers in the U.S. have been facing the COVID-19 pandemic for more than three months now. Stressors such as insufficient personal protective equipment (PPE), fears of infection, feelings of isolation from family, and harassment from the community for...

EA Health and Synergy Surgicalists Announce Business Merger

Synergy Surgicalists – one of the nation's top providers of orthopedic and general surgicalist staffing for hospitals – and EA Health – a leading provider of physician staffing services and specialty physician on-call compensation solutions – have announced a business...

Surgery Exchange Launches Surgery Exchange Network

To cut down on inefficiencies and waste associated with implant procedures, Surgery Exchange is offering enhanced visibility and cost savings to device manufacturers. Surgery Exchange is a specialized suite of software solutions designed to support hospitals with...

SETi Plans Online Sales for Surface Disinfection Device and Portable Air Purifier with Violeds Technology

Sensor Electronic Technology Inc. (“SETi”), the first compound semiconductor for UV LED solutions (Violeds) and Seoul Viosys’ subsidiary, launches portable air purifiers of brand “VAC” and surface disinfection devices of brand “VSM+” with Violeds technology to reduce...

Key Surgical Awarded Agreement with Premier Inc.

Key Surgical has been awarded a group purchasing agreement for instrument cleaners and enzymatics with Premier Inc.

The new agreement allows Premier members, at their discretion, to take advantage of special pricing and terms pre-negotiated by Premier for instrument cleaning brushes and enzymatics.

The complete line of surgical instrument cleaning brushes from Key Surgical includes everything from brushes designed for cleaning inner channels/lumens of surgical instruments to external cleaning of box locks and hinges to brushes intended specifically for endoscope cleaning. The brushes feature several bristle materials and handle types/styles to keep up with various/changing needs. In addition to brushes used in the process of decontamination, Key Surgical also carries brushes that can be sterilized and used in the operating room to keep instruments, such as rasps and saws, free of debris during a procedure. Additionally, Key Surgical’s brush cleaning line includes products designed for clean verification. 



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