InstruSafe Instrument Protection Trays by Summit Medical, an Innovia Medical Company, announced the release of eight new trays designed in collaboration with Intuitive Surgical to accommodate the newest da Vinci Surgical System Instrumentation. The instrumentation, which is identified as the da Vinci SP Surgical System, was launched on May 31.

“We have been designing trays for Intuitive Surgical products since 1999, and actively collaborating with them since 2009,” said Marcus Super, director of sales and marketing. “The long-standing relationship we have with the company, and the confidence they have in the InstruSafe brand, is a testament to the quality of our product and its ability to provide the highest level of protection to the instrumentation it holds.”

InstruSafe Trays provide 360 degrees of protection for instruments during sterilization, transportation and storage. They are validated for steam sterilization in the sterile wrap configuration for the da Vinci SP instrumentation.

The trays for the new system’s instrumentation are now available for purchase and consist of instrument, procedure and accessory trays, each holding a range of one to six instruments. All of the trays in the newly developed suite have been designed specifically for da Vinci SP Surgical System instrumentation.

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