Innovative Medical Products, a leader in patient positioning, will exhibit a broad range of its positioning solutions, including its family of hip positioners and its series of knee positioners, at the 2018 American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS) Annual Meeting in New Orleans. The event will be held, March 6-10, at the Morial Convention Center. IMP’s exhibit location is Booth #3251.

The IMP exhibit will include the Universal Lateral Positioner System®, De Mayo Hip Positioner®, and MorphBoard® Positioning System for positioning the patient in the lateral position during total hip surgery. Visitors will see for themselves how the design of the De Mayo Hip Positioning System® enhances stable positioning of the pelvis even in obese patients.

Also on display will be the De Mayo Knee Positioner® featuring the De Mayo Universal Distractor® accessory for assisting the surgeon during total knee replacement. IMP visitors will see for how the De Mayo Universal Distractor®, attached to the boot of the De Mayo Knee Positioner®, easily opens the knee joint for improved visualization of the joint. In addition, visitors will learn how the De Mayo V2E™ Knee Positioning System® facilitates access to the medial aspect of the knee during uni-compartmental knee arthroplasty.

The Tri-Pull™ Secure Shoulder Solution is another IMP ​device ​that employs three proven systems to secure, distract and control precise rotation of the shoulder during surgery. IMP’s Tri-Pull™ solution includes the Reznik Universal Shoulder Positioner™, De Mayo RoTractor®, and the Phase 4 Gel™ Splint. These three systems work together to secure, distract, and control rotation of the shoulder precisely how the surgeon wants it.

Besides positioning devices for joint surgeries, IMP solutions include positioning accessories that help prevent cross contamination and guarantee sterility in the surgical environment, such as its single-use, latex-free foam protective pads and Universal SteriBump®.