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Innovative Medical Products Re-Invents Itself Among the COVID Crisis

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Innovative Medical Products Re-Invents Itself Among the COVID Crisis Innovative Medical Products Re-Invents Itself Among the COVID Crisis

Since its early beginnings in 1983, Innovative Medical Products (IMP) has grown to become a world leader in surgical patient positioning. Never before has IMP experienced a year like this. The year 2020 will go down in history as the most challenging year ever for many health care companies. Innovative Medical Products Inc. (IMP) has kept its employees working while restructuring its manufacturing and is proud to have been able to improve its processes during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated that a virus can overwhelm a hospital and, in turn, put a halt on all elective procedures. As hospitals and ASCs reopened for elective surgeries, most discovered that they were not properly equipped to handle the sudden increase in short-term business. IMP responded with a new customer rental program to help ASCs with short-term equipment needs. These programs enable hospitals and ASCs to acquire the products they need when capital funding may not be available.

“IMP also launched two upgrade programs that have helped hospitals and ASCs improve their positioning experience. Our trade-in program provides up to a $1,000 credit for upgrading older, outdated De Mayo Knee Positioners to the new De Mayo D2 with extended terms. Facilities were also offered an option to update outdated De Mayo Knee Positioners by returning them to the IMP service center for incremental upgrades,” says Tim Walker, Manager of Sales & Marketing.

“During this uncertain time, IMP made an investment in itself. The owners, managers and employees all did their part to ensure that everyone could come to work and so that our organization would come out stronger during this international crisis,” Bailey shared. “We are proud of everyone’s efforts, and when the world markets open up 100%, we have no doubt we will return to setting record sales.”

Utilizing Downtime to Deliver More Value and Expand Markets

The vision of the company’s success has always been to design, manufacture and distribute unique, innovative products to a surgical world where patient positioning has been problematic. This year, among all it’s challenges, Rich Larkin, Director of Operations and his quality management team dedicated their time to earning IMP’s ISO 13485 registration. ISO 13485 is an international quality management system for medical device manufacturers. “This ISO 13485 registration is one of the most important events to happen to IMP in its history, ensuring that its products will be available to all markets,” says Rich.

IMP’s solutions to universal positioning problems come from years of communication with the best surgeons, the best orthopedic companies and the best hands-on med/surg support teams that have ideas for surgical improvements and perceptive opinions on how to improve the patient experience and patient outcomes.

Hospitals, ambulatory surgical centers and surgical clinics have seen many changes in the way they operate, bundle services and improve products to become more efficient and cost-effective. Toward that goal, IMP has invested in the latest manufacturing equipment, increased personnel, improved data processing and expanded territory coverage nationally and internationally.

“While continuously improving our product line, we also strive to create innovative methods for performing surgery, while supporting robotic advancements, and developing products to fit into the new realm of ambulatory surgical centers,” Bailey said.

Innovative Medical Products Re-Invents Itself Among the COVID Crisis

Two New Products for 2020, Amid the Challenges

“IMP listens to our customers and is a surgical positioning company that offers products that have been co-designed by orthopedic surgeons. We are a small, agile company that can respond more quickly to customers’ needs, and that has made us the gold-standard for surgical positioners for over 30 years,” Bailey explained.

IMP founders and managing partners work directly with engineering, design and field reps to establish a clear expectation of performance, evaluating progress to ensure that customers’ product expectations will be met, from concept to early prototype to finished product. “Product improvements made to our core products as a goal of continuous product improvement has been a hallmark of IMP products. They just keep getting better,” says Tamas Kovacs, Engineering Manager.

“One example of how the IMP team can quickly respond to customers’ needs will soon be seen in a new De Mayo Knee Positioner, which will redefine our market in terms of OR turnover,” Bailey said. “After conducting field consultations with several of our key ASC customers, IMP began developing a new product that could address the challenges of space, storage and SPD limitations that ASCs face. The new positioner incorporates everything we’ve learned from two decades in the field and has a unique solution that will make it unlike any other positioner on the market. Be on the lookout for an official announcement toward the end of 2020.”

IMP actually has two exciting new products coming to market that will accelerate setup, simplify training, improve stability, reduce turnover times and improve overall profitability for our customers doing total knee and hip replacements.

“We are incredibly proud of our newest hip positioner, the De Mayo Exact-Fit Hip Positioner. This product went from thought to completion during the COVID pandemic and will usher in a new era in patient stability for hip replacements in the lateral position.” Bailey said. “The IMP engineering team lead by Tamas and with input from Dr. Ed De Mayo, made a stellar product with innovative engineering.”

IMP established the gold-standard in hip positioners in 1984 with the original IMP McGuire Hip Positioner. In 2001, IMP partnered with orthopedic surgeon Dr. Ed De Mayo to design the De Mayo Hip Positioner, that met surgeons’ demands for a system to accommodate bariatric patients. “From establishing the position and securing the patient, to performing procedures and testing range of motion, we created a system that’s faster and easier while also giving doctors completely unrestricted access to the surgical field” says Dr. Ed De Mayo. In 2020, IMP is re-inventing the market again, with the new De Mayo Exact-Fit Lateral Positioner.

“Surgeons needed a lateral positioner that was easier to setup, simpler to use and adapts to the patient anatomy while achieving a rigid fixation of the pelvis. No matter how significant the BMI of the patient, the Exact-Fit worked. The unique unfolding design, which offers un-paralleled rigidity, assures no issues with an operative range of motion during a procedure or checking a patient’s position,” Bailey said. “Our goal is to have the product available in the first quarter of 2021.”

IMP’s Commitment to Clean, Sterile and Safe Medical Devices

Recent events in the knee positioner marketplace have put a strong light on the processes for cleaning and sterilization. As processes and requirements change, materials, methods and designs must also change to meet those requirements. IMP is fully committed to ensuring its products meet these standards. IMP takes this commitment seriously and has heavily invested in its designs, Instructions For Use (IFUs) as well as cleaning and sterilization validations. IMP’s cleaning and sterilization validations are performed by independent testing facilities using the latest standards. IMP also has relationships with nationally recognized individuals and organizations, which are experts, in the sterile processing and certification testing professions.

IMP understands that not all sterile processing departments are built the same. Equipment handling, personnel, education and hospital environment are just some of the factors that influence the performance of a department. IMP is willing to work with its customers to assist them in overcoming some of these challenges to ensure the IMP products they are processing meet the set standards.

Dave Jagrosse, CHL CRCST of David Jagrosse Consulting says “Lint and particulates are as much an enemy as are microorganisms within the SPD department. I urge all who reprocess linens in any capacity to obtain a copy and follow these critical guidelines to do it properly or consider a single-use alternative in the name of patient safety.”

IMP welcomes readers to browse its website at It offers a surplus of useful information that can be viewed and downloaded. The website also showcases some of IMP’s latest products that feature instructional videos.

IMP’s World-Wide Reach

In the ever-changing environment of regulatory compliance, Innovative Medical Products continues to meet national and international standards for its positioning systems and accessories. IMP is proud of its commitment to meet these stringent requirements while the company continues to make outstanding products that achieve or exceed the user’s expectations.

Supporting IMP’s global reach is a highly qualified network of independent distributors and product representatives that span across the United States, Europe, Japan, Canada, Australia, Russia and Israel.

IMP’s Made-in-America products are supported by an unflagging resolve to change with the times and adapt to new technologies and industry regulations.

Innovative Medical Products: Growth and Success

Innovative Medical Products has been focused on developing and marketing innovative products to benefit and improve efficiency in the operating room and hospital clinics where patient stability and positioning are required. IMP’s products are designed to provide accuracy for the surgeon, ensure patient safety, save time for OR personnel and benefit the overall patient surgical experience.

Advancements in minimally invasive surgical (MIS) procedures and robotic navigation through computer-assisted orthopedic surgery (CAOS) also bring opportunities for IMP to partner with leading surgeons and orthopedic companies committed to improving surgical techniques.

In addition to supporting customers via continued education, surgical time efficiencies, product bundling and superior products, IMP offers its Value Added Commitment (VAC) Program. The VAC Program infuses qualified organizations with true value to markedly improve overall performance. In other words: “Every customer’s business and outcomes are important to IMP.”

“IMP has always believed in the continuous improvement of existing products and constant innovation. Whether ideas come from in-house engineering or surgical experts in the medical field, the process has always been to create quality products, improve setup and surgical times, while giving the best value for long-lasting products that meet or exceed regulatory requirements,” Bailey said.

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Innovative Medical Products Re-Invents Itself Among the COVID Crisis




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