Innovative Medical Products Inc. has developed a wide range of softgoods products that help improve patient safety, speed surgical recovery and assist OR staff in achieving better patient outcomes.

IMP’s softgoods family of positioning solutions include:

Humbles LapWrap: easy-to-use positioning pad not only secures patients’ arms during surgery but also allows access for IV tubes and leads for anesthesia.

Universal SteriBump: guarantees sterility, helping to reduce health care-associated infections at the surgical site.

SuperBump: sterile, weighted, single-use solution is designed to be positioned on top of the OR table drapes at any location on the operating table during a total knee procedure.

Hip Abduction Pillows: with a unique convoluted foam design, this solution assures greater patient comfort and easier nursing care after hip surgery.

Sterile Protective Pads: for use with all positioning devices.

Gel-Infused Memory Pads: provide for better patient protection during surgical procedures including robotic surgery; the pads come in a variety of shapes and sizes tailored to fit specific IMP patient positioning systems.

IMP’s “Value Added Commitment” (VAC): the sterile protective pads are a component of IMP’s Value Added Commitment program where participants who use IMP positioners and softgoods exclusively, in accordance with IMP protocol, can receive value-added benefits and services for the life of their IMP positioners.