Innovative Medical Products has made hip surgery for obese patients easier and safer than ever with its patented MorphBoard® modular pegboard positioning system.

Along with the system’s two modular end boards, the MorphBoard® features a lightweight center board that can be easily adjusted to accommodate an obese patient’s large abdomen. The MorphBoard®’s 20” wide, 30” long, center board, when rotated 90 degrees and combined with the two end boards, “morphs” into a 30” wide section large enough to support most obese patients.

The modular positioning system also comes with IMP’s De Mayo Expand-A-Peg® Locking Pegs that will not wobble or dislodge from the pegboard hole. When inserted into the pegboard hole, the peg’s base will expand with just a twist of the locking mechanism’s cap for complete stability.

“With traditional pegs, the tendency is for them to move or wobble in the pegboard hole or even come out of the hole entirely during surgery because they have not been seated properly. Our locking peg mechanism completely and securely seats the peg in the pegboard so the patient will never lose positioning,” noted Earl Cole, Vice President, Innovative Medical Products. “This assurance is a major benefit for the surgeon who then doesn’t have to worry about patient movement.”

Because of its modularity, the IMP lateral positioning system can be configured to meet budgetary constraints and surgical needs.