OR Today, 3M Healthcare Webinar Delivers ‘Great Content’

Kimberly Prinsen, RN, MSN, technical service specialist in the medical solutions division of 3M, explained basic considerations to surgical wound management and how looking deeper than the surface of the skin can protect the patient from complications.


Many patients today are entering the operating room with multiple factors that can cause disruptive bleeding during surgery, which can be challenging to manage and potentially dangerous. To help address this, Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices Companies* announced...

Going digital: Using real data to prevent infection

By Dustin Rahlf, Director of Healthcare Digital Solutions at Ecolab While AI & robot enabled surgeries are capturing headlines, real-time digital dashboards and predictive analytics may be the overshadowed sidekick that enables a safer operating room (OR). It is...

AORN Updates Guideline on Sterilization Packaging

By Susan Klacik The primary objective of sterilization packaging is to maintain the sterile integrity of the packaged contents until they are used. Many factors influence this outcome and the Association of periOperative Registered Nurses’ (AORN’s) newly updated...

Innovative Medical Products Adds to its Line of Surgical Accessories

innovativeInnovative Medical Products has introduced the De Mayo V2 E Knee Positioner, a new solution with a sterile extension swing arm that comes off the foot of the operating table while keeping solidly in place. This device allows the surgeon to stand between the patient’s legs during surgery making it easier to work on the inside of the patient’s knee if necessary.

IMP also offers the De Mayo Knee Positioner used with De Mayo Universal Distractor, De Mayo Hip Positioner, Universal Lateral Positioner, and MorphBoard.

Enabling the surgeon to fully control and maintain joint distraction, the De Mayo Universal Distractor lets the surgeon see into the posterior regions of the joint. The distractor, used in conjunction with the De Mayo Knee Positioner, allows precise control of flexation, extension, tilt and rotation of the knee during surgery.

The De Mayo Hip Positioner is a complete hip positioning system that securely holds very thin or very obese patients in the lateral position. For the latter patient, the positioner can be “built up” around the patient so OR personnel don’t have to lift the patient on the positioner, avoiding strenuous exertion and minimizing the risk of a work-related injury.

IMP’s Universal Lateral Positioner is ideal for any surgery requiring the patient to be fixed in a stable, lateral decubitus position.

The MorphBoard is a three-piece modular pegboard that adjusts to accommodate obese patients, with optional locking pegs that will not jar loose during surgery.



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