Staying Positive During the Pandemic

The good news for patients in need of outpatient surgery is that, across the country, health care providers and policymakers have recognized that elective surgery is not the same thing as optional surgery and are allowing ASCs to remain open to provide this care.

Handling of Explanted Medical Devices Addressed in AORN’s Revised Guideline for Specimen Management

SP professionals must manage explants safely and properly any time a request is made to sterilize an explanted device, such a screw, hip, plate and so on, for return to the patient.

Disinfection Methods – Straightforward or Complicated?

With all the different cleaning, disinfecting and sterilizing processes that go on inside of hospitals, I find disinfection to be the most complex and complicated among them.

Steam Sterilization Standard ST79 Receives Community-Driven Update

After three years, a widely used standard in health care and industry has undergone an important update.

HealthStream Launches RepDirect

HealthStream has launched RepDirect, a new online certification program for health care industry representatives to demonstrate their knowledge and competency of safe, ethical and compliant practices within care environments. RepDirect is comprised of the Advanced Medical Technology Association’s (“AdvaMed’s”) Code of Ethics on Interactions with Health Care Professionals (“Code of Ethics”); the Association of periOperative Registered Nurses’s (AORN) OR Protocol; and HealthStream’s award-winning safety courseware library. Each of these three training components is available to health care industry representatives exclusively from RepDirect by HealthStream at

Approximately 500,000+ health care industry representatives working in medical technology companies in the U.S. must be annually credentialed to enter a hospital and other care settings. Standards from the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) set forth the components of the credential, including training requirements related to safety, compliance and ethics — which includes training for operating room protocol as per AORN’s guidelines and an industry code of ethics, such as AdvaMed’s Code. Hospitals’ compliance managers want to ensure that the industry representatives entering their facility are well trained, ensuring an optimal, safe environment for providers and patients. Upon the successful completion of RepDirect’s courses, a certificate is granted to the industry representative. The certificate is accepted by health care providers as evidence of industry representatives’ knowledge and competence of safe and ethical practices in the care environment.

“OR Protocol not only provides credentialing, it also ensures industry representatives are current on best practices for patient safety,” said AORN’s CEO/Executive Director Linda Groah, MSN, RN, CNOR, NEA-BC, FAAN. “OR directors, who are responsible for ensuring everyone in the surgical suite understands best clinical practices, will be more confident knowing industry representatives have regularly updated credentials through RedDirect because of its full spectrum of relevant training that meets AORN’s Guidelines for Perioperative Practice.”

As announced in early 2019, AdvaMed’s longstanding Code of Ethics has been updated and is effective in January 2020 — and is included in RepDirect. “We updated our Code of Ethics to ensure it would continue to serve as a foundational framework for ethics and integrity across the medtech industry,” said Scott Whitaker, president and CEO, AdvaMed. “Offering code of ethics training and certification online is the best way to ensure easy access to the widest possible audience. We’re proud to work with HealthStream and welcome the launch of RepDirect as a way to efficiently deliver this training to health care industry representatives.”

Online courses from HealthStream’s award-winning safety library are also made available in RepDirect, which include topics like bloodborne pathogens, electrical safety, MRI safety, infection control and fire safety, among many others. These courses, along with AdvaMed’s Code of Ethics and AORN’s OR Protocol courses, meet the ANSI Standard requirements for health care industry representative training. Over the years, these courses have been completed by millions of health care professionals, helping them learn essential safety skills in health care settings. Together, they provide health care industry representatives with core safety knowledge of working within a hospital.

The courses in RepDirect are all mobile-friendly and easily accessible from any device. AdvaMed’s Code of Ethics and AORN’s OR Protocol may each be purchased individually. The most popular and cost-efficient option, however, is the RepDirect Credentialing Bundle, which includes all three training components: AdvaMed’s Code of Ethics, AORN’s OR Protocol and HealthStream’s Safety Library. Health care industry representatives may make individual purchases or their medtech company may choose to make an enterprise-level purchase.

To learn more about RepDirect, go to



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