Getinge, a global leader in medical technology, and Verb Surgical Inc, a Silicon Valley based startup developing a next generation surgical platform, have announced a new strategic partnership.

In this partnership, Getinge and Verb Surgical will combine their know-how and specific strengths to offer what promises to be a game-changing platform for the next generation of surgery. The Getinge & Verb solution of Surgery 4.0, or Digital Surgery, will include robotics, advanced visualization, advanced instrumentation, operating room integration, connectivity and data analytics/AI. As a result, Getinge enters the robotic surgery field in partnership with Verb.

Going forward, Getinge and Verb will together explore and develop a next generation surgical platform by combining Getinge’s deep knowledge in instrument reprocessing, OR equipment and IT solutions with Verb’s expertise in robotics, advanced instrumentation, enhanced visualization, connectivity, and data analytics/AI.

“We have said since our inception that Verb will be an open platform company, and we want to work with the best technologies and partners in the world in revolutionizing the operating room and surgical care,” said Scott Huennekens, President and CEO of Verb Surgical. “We are extremely excited to announce this partnership with Getinge, which brings world-class complementary technologies and a global footprint as we move to democratize surgery worldwide.”