Getinge Announces Medical Device Recall

Getinge has announced a global medical device recall related to specific Sevoflurane vaporizers for Flow Family Anesthesia systems. To date, no patient or operator adverse events have been reported. Getinge has reported to relevant authorities according to applicable...

Research: Medical Instrument Processing Personnel May Be Exposed to Tissue, Blood and Patient Fluids Despite PPE

“This pilot documented substantial splashing and droplet dispersal during manual cleaning of medical instruments, and personnel got wet even though they were wearing all the recommended PPE,”

New Scrubs Made of Bacteria-Killing Textile

Livinguard, a Swiss-based leader in self-disinfecting hygiene technology, has launched an apparel line of permanent self-disinfecting scrubs, underscrubs and lab coats utilizing its EPA-registered bacteria-killing textile. Livinguard scrubs, that continuously...

Finnish Startup Surgify Shares New Bone Cutting Technology

Finnish startup Surgify – that recently launched an all-new and innovative surgical technology that allows surgeons to perform surgical operations on bones faster and safer – has seen its first use cases on patients, according to a news release. The first surgeries...

DePuy Synthes Launches UNIUM System

UNIUM™ System

DePuy Synthes, the orthopedics company of Johnson & Johnson, has launched the UNIUM System as the newest addition to its power tools portfolio. The system is designed with a commitment to ergonomics, reliability and efficiency[1,2] in the trauma setting and can be used across small bone, sports medicine, spine and thorax procedures[2].

Small bone and trauma surgery rates and complexity have been increasing over the years creating a demand for improved devices to address fundamental requirements such as reliable, robust, compact and ergonomic systems.[3] In addition, users need compact designs for enhanced surgical precision and a reduction in the incidence of musculoskeletal stress and trauma on the orthopedic surgeon3, sufficient battery capacity to avoid intraoperative battery change, and multifunctional systems to accommodate different surgical needs.[3]

“The UNIUM System significantly enhances our power tools portfolio,” said Funda Haine, worldwide vice president, power tools, DePuy Synthes**. “We listened closely to input from surgeons and staff, and designed the UNIUM System to meet their precise needs. We are filling an unmet need with the UNIUM Power Tool by developing a system that is 19% lighter6, 26% smaller***1 and 18% more powerful1 than its predecessors****, allowing care teams to focus more of their attention on the patient.”

The UNIUM System consists of two handpieces – a modular device and a dedicated reciprocating saw – along with a comprehensive portfolio of attachments and cutting tools. The system is accompanied by an innovative power unit that incorporates a high-capacity Li-ion battery and electronic control unit that drives both handpieces.4 The power unit is designed to last through more than 1,000 use-and-charging cycles5, extending its lifespan to help reduce the cost of repair and waste.[4] Additionally, care teams can insert the power unit into the handpieces using an aseptic transfer technique, limiting its exposure to the stress of cleaning and sterilization processes, thus promoting a longer lifetime, greater reliability and improved sustainability.[4]

“The UNIUM System is designed to provide surgeons with an ergonomically advanced option to help them deliver a high level of care,” said Oray Boston, worldwide president, trauma, extremities, CMF and animal health, DePuy Synthes*****. “We are excited to launch this system, which we believe will provide surgeons with confidence and control in both the hospital and ambulatory surgical center settings, enabling them to reach even more patients.”

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*DePuy Synthes represents the products and services of DePuy Synthes, Inc. and its affiliates.
**Funda Haine is an employee of Medical Device Business Services, Inc.
***in height
****compared to DePuy Synthes Colibri II / SBD II
*****Oray Boston is an employee of Medical Device Business Services, Inc.

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