CORI2 is comprehensive endoscopy software system leveraging the work of the Clinical Outcomes Research Initiative (CORI). Since 1996 CORI members have recorded over 2.5 million endoscopy procedures, creating a data-rich resource to drive quality outcomes. Building upon this legacy of success, CORI2 introduces a commercial system with advanced features built specifically for today’s endoscopy practices.

These CORI2 updates and feature enhancements are a direct outcome of feedback by users of the legacy CORI system. With this input, along with in-depth work case analysis and usability testing, CORI2 now offers:

  • Image annotation, including the ability to edit and reconstruct images to ensure accuracy and reflect patient-specific anatomy;
  • Improved report generation and increased data field specificity;
  • Streamlined image capture for greater efficiency and ease;
  • Comprehensive scheduling, tracking and management of procedures and clinical site activities; and
  • Enhanced user interface logic and aesthetics for improved workflow.

“Drawing on two decades of data and user input, CORI2 is proud to offer a system that meets the demands of quality-driven endoscopy practices,” says Michael Baker, CORI2 CEO. “Our team looks forward to building business relationships and supporting the needs of endoscopy professionals around the globe.”

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