Getinge Announces Medical Device Recall

Getinge has announced a global medical device recall related to specific Sevoflurane vaporizers for Flow Family Anesthesia systems. To date, no patient or operator adverse events have been reported. Getinge has reported to relevant authorities according to applicable...

Research: Medical Instrument Processing Personnel May Be Exposed to Tissue, Blood and Patient Fluids Despite PPE

“This pilot documented substantial splashing and droplet dispersal during manual cleaning of medical instruments, and personnel got wet even though they were wearing all the recommended PPE,”

New Scrubs Made of Bacteria-Killing Textile

Livinguard, a Swiss-based leader in self-disinfecting hygiene technology, has launched an apparel line of permanent self-disinfecting scrubs, underscrubs and lab coats utilizing its EPA-registered bacteria-killing textile. Livinguard scrubs, that continuously...

Finnish Startup Surgify Shares New Bone Cutting Technology

Finnish startup Surgify – that recently launched an all-new and innovative surgical technology that allows surgeons to perform surgical operations on bones faster and safer – has seen its first use cases on patients, according to a news release. The first surgeries...

Company Showcase: SURGIDAT

SurgiDat Software applications are delivered in Australia, New Zealand and throughout North America. SurgiDat’s software solutions cater for whole facility information or can be deployed at a department or even a layered level in Surgical and Acute healthcare facilities.

OR Today interviewed SurgiDat CEO and President Todd Kemp to find out more about the company and its innovative solutions.

Q: Please explain your company’s core competencies and unique selling points.

KEMP: SurgiDat enables department and multi-department communication, coordination and quality through financial, materials and clinical systems. SurgiDat brings disparate systems together and provides seamless point-of-use, interactive, production, workflow coordination and quality control software solutions layered on existing systems.

Q: What are some advantages that your company has over the competition?

KEMP: SurgiDat is a grass roots company, we listen to our customers and have the ability to enhance or integrate systems rapidly to support their specific needs. SurgiDat has a wealth of production knowledge to help our customers reach their full potential in automating systems and procedures – just let us know what your need is!

Q: What are some challenges that your company faced last year? How were you able to overcome them?

KEMP: One of the major challenges is while SurgiDat incorporates the three silos of health data and manages this across all disparate departments – hospitals are still not set up at the executive level to cope with decision-making across these areas within their health systems. It is a major challenge to find the correct person within a health system or facility who understands the total picture and has the authority or willingness to make decisions that would allow data and outcome driven production changes, through Episodic Pathways™ and Care Redesign. SurgiDat “Layers into health systems to provide a NEW functional view and workflow for end users, while keeping the existing systems in place.”

SurgiDat is seeing a growing trend by CMS driving Accountable Care Organizations which essentially is asking hospitals to do what SurgiDat provides out of the box through managing quality and financial Episodic Pathways™ across the complete continuum of care providing the basis for Care Redesign through process control.

Q: What product or service that your company offers are you most excited about right now?

KEMP: Two Exciting Systems that are simple but very effective in the delivery of services to OR cases and quality surgical outcomes.

The SurgiDat SPD 365 Service – SurgiDat healthcare expert’s complete quarterly assessments to keep your SPD department up to date 365 days of the year. This service is billed monthly and includes Instrument Tracking Software for SPD “Free of Charge” to help coordinate OR and SPD quality outcomes. This Service assists managers across departments identifying areas to enhance and meet the growing demands on the service.

We would welcome your call to discuss the new SurgiDat SPD 365™ and get your two-day free Department review.

The other exciting solution is simple in form and allows for better production, less mistakes, reduces immediate use sterilization and is very simple to implement.

Introducing SurgiDat High Visual Handle Tags – Days of the week loan set tagging ensures at a glance which instrument sets are required for what day for Implant Loan Set procedures. Also missing instruments and repair tags.

SurgiDat products are split between two verticals.

Local Departmental systems

Web-based solutions for the management of medical devices in OR, Preference Card Automation, Case Setups, SPD, GI Lab, Sterile Stores and BioMed Services + Quality, Costing and Replenishment.

SurgiDat Enterprise Solutions

Looking for a cost-effective, single solution to run your surgical center that understands your business? Looking to gain control of your costs and streamline production workflows? SurgiDat Enterprise Acute Care Facility Management System is what you need – or – lay it in to manage CMS LEJR ACO requirements.

It includes: PAS, Billing, Materials, Clinical, Electronic Referral Interfacing, Bookings, Financial Reporting and Quality Reporting, OR Scheduling, Surgeons Electronic Preference Cares, Full Episodic Pathway™ Control And Reporting, OR Control, Materials and Clinical Documentation Solutions.

At SurgiDat, we have invested significantly over the past 10 years in building these solutions and work side by side with our customers to enhance their specific needs. What is your need? How can we help?

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