The Perioperative Nurse Educator: A Multi-faceted Role with Vast Professional Development Opportunities

Perioperative nurse educators are essential to the work of perioperative nursing and are often charged with fulfilling a variety of roles in addition to staff education. Such roles may include learning facilitator, change agent, mentor, leader, champion for scientific inquiry and/or a partner for practice transitions (Harper & Maloney, 2022). Thus, it might be more appropriate to refer to perioperative nurse educators as perioperative nursing professional development (NPD) practitioners. 

Advanced Directives in Outpatient Settings

Understanding and incorporating a patient’s right to make decisions about their plan-of-care plays an integral role in overall health care outcomes. Honoring end-of-life choices in ambulatory settings is complex, since determination whether a health care organization will venerate a patient’s choice may vary based on services provided and specific patient populations served. It is also challenging for health care organizations to balance patient rights against possible ethical challenges.

U.S. FDA Recognizes New Endoscope Guidance and More Among Updated List of ‘Appropriate’ Consensus Standards

The U.S. FDA has recognized ANSI/AAMI ST91:2021, Flexible and semi-rigid endoscope processing in health care facilities as a guidance document “appropriate for meeting requirements for medical devices under the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act.” Additionally, five other new or updated AAMI standards were added to the federal regulator’s list.

Encompass Group Unveils New Meta Scrubs

Encompass Group LLC recently announced all new Meta Scrubs with the M.A.M. (Meta Anti Mic) Antimicrobial Finish to help fight against bacteria. The M.A.M. finish helps reduce the presence of unwanted bacteria on the surface of the fabric.

C Change Surgical SurgiSLUSH

C Change Surgical SurgiSLUSH

Automate expert slush and simplify your sterile field. Outside of the sterile field, one-touch freezers automatically produce and maintain atraumatic slush in sealed, 24-hour containers. Efficient slush is ready when needed. You can add focus for priorities with no more fussing with slush during complex cases. The SurgiSLUSH closed-system slush technology automatically advances infection prevention efforts. It erases troublesome sterile barrier failures and ends prolonged, ambient exposure. Sealed containers verify sterility before every use. You can supply more slush with less equipment. Just slush, store and make more. You can auto-produce slush at the time you choose for maximum efficiency. A closed system delivers important clinical, economic and practical advantages.

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