SurgiSLUSH provides the smartest, safest and most economical way to make surgical slush. Sterile surgical slush is used to topically cool organs during complex procedures to reduce tissue damage and allow surgeons more time to operate. Users can position SurgiSLUSH inside or outside of procedure rooms and serve multiple rooms from one machine. SurgiSLUSH creates perfectly smooth slush every time using secure, re-usable, hydrophobic containers. SurgiSLUSH creates perfect slush in 35-45 minutes then automatically switches to Maintain Mode to keep slush smooth and clump-free until needed. SurgiSLUSH is ideal for hybrid procedure rooms.

The new Protective Container System provides a double-container assembly that assures sterility, simplifies sterile field dispensing and protects against tampering or unintended contamination. Erase the need for slush drapes, save valuable sterile field space and eliminate a potential source of disrupted airflows near the patient. Gain efficiency and free your staff with the newest, smartest way to make and use perfect surgical slush.