FDA, Cardinal Health Assess Scope of Potential Contamination Risk

Dr. Jeffrey E. Shuren MD, JD, Director - CDRH Offices: Office of the Center Director, released the following statement on Thursday (January 16, 2020): “On Jan. 11 and again on Jan. 15, 2020, medical device manufacturer Cardinal Health alerted its customers to...

U.S Health System Uses Medtronic Stealth Autoguide Cranial Robotic Guidance Platform

Phoenix Children’s Hospital is the first-ever health system in the U.S. to receive and deploy the newly FDA-cleared Medtronic Stealth Autoguide platform.

Cook Medical TriForce Peripheral Crossing Set Now Available

Cook Medical’s TriForce® Peripheral Crossing Set is now commercially available. As of January 2020, these products are available to physicians in the United States to support procedures to treat patients with vascular obstructions.

PENTAX Medical Launches IMAGINA Endoscopy System in U.S.

IMAGINA offers practitioners a modern user interface and unique endoscope design to provide excellent visualization, improve the operator experience and positively influence long-term patient care costs.

Bradley Catalone Joins Healthmark Industries

Healthmark Industries is proud to announce Dr. Bradley Catalone as its new senior scientific advisor.

“We are very excited to welcome Brad to Healthmark Industries,” Director of Education Mary Ann Drosnock said. “His expert knowledge and management experience in scientific and regulatory device strategy will provide guidance and insight to our product development efforts.”

Catalone comes to Healthmark Industries with extensive experience in the health care industry. Most recently, he was the chief science officer at TSO3 Corporation. In this role, he had the responsibility of successfully developing regulatory strategy for new and expanded medical device claims, designing scientific studies and managing/expanding international intellectual property portfolio.

Since 1969, Healthmark Industries Company Inc. has developed and marketed innovative solutions to aid health care facilities in the delivery of surgical instruments and other lifesaving medical devices to patients. Healthmark Industries’ mission is to continue to innovate, continue to support and continue to serve the health care provider industry and support services that make it possible to deliver quality health care.

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