AORN Syntegrity, Inc. and Syus today announced the launch of Periop Insight, the first benchmarking tool to enable safety and efficiency comparisons across multiple facilities and hospital systems. With Periop Insight, administrators and perioperative leaders can improve operational and clinical decision-making and, ultimately, achieve better patient outcomes and financial results.

Designed for clinicians, Periop Insight benchmarking is a new component of Periop Insight analytics that is powered by Syus, the industry leader in OR analytics, and AORN Syntegrity, the only evidence-based standardized perioperative documentation system for electronic health records (EHR). Periop Insight captures EHR, Supply, and Human Resources systems’ data for performance validation and hosts this information in a single, secure data warehouse. Today, the HIPAA-compliant benchmarking database contains more than 4 million cases and 25,000 surgeons from health care facilities across the United States and fully represents geographic distribution, size, volume, ownership, and case complexity. All benchmark participant cases are mapped to standard data definitions including procedure, specialty, patient status, and anesthesia method and participants can examine the data at any time to compare their operational measures to like facilities based on 14 performance measures.

Janice Kelly MS, RN-BC, president, AORN Syntegrity, Inc., said “The primary focus of Periop Insight is the efficient use of staffed operating and procedure rooms. Using these high cost areas efficiently means patients get timely care and hospitals can maximize revenue with improved scheduling.”

“Until now, perioperative leaders and administrators had to pull and compile their own data from multiple sources and then they had no comparative reference,” said Kevin O’Hara, CEO of Syus. “With Periop Insight benchmarking data, they are now able to build their own peer groups and configure local standards rather than attempt to fit to a standard that may be dissimilar.”

The Periop Insight benchmarking product is available now. Find more product details including pricing and fee structure here.