Staying Positive During the Pandemic

The good news for patients in need of outpatient surgery is that, across the country, health care providers and policymakers have recognized that elective surgery is not the same thing as optional surgery and are allowing ASCs to remain open to provide this care.

Handling of Explanted Medical Devices Addressed in AORN’s Revised Guideline for Specimen Management

SP professionals must manage explants safely and properly any time a request is made to sterilize an explanted device, such a screw, hip, plate and so on, for return to the patient.

Disinfection Methods – Straightforward or Complicated?

With all the different cleaning, disinfecting and sterilizing processes that go on inside of hospitals, I find disinfection to be the most complex and complicated among them.

Steam Sterilization Standard ST79 Receives Community-Driven Update

After three years, a widely used standard in health care and industry has undergone an important update.

AORN Reaches Thousands in Denver

The annual AORN Surgical Conference & Expo was a huge success in Denver with more than 4,000 perioperative registered nurses in attendance and more than 4,000 exhibitor personnel on hand representing 481 exhibitors. The OR Executive Summit and Leadership Development Summit, alone, had 625 attendees.

AORN, the Association of periOperative Registered Nurses, represents approximately 41,000 Registered Nurses in the U.S. and abroad who facilitate the management, teaching and practice of perioperative nursing, or who are enrolled in nursing education or engaged in perioperative research.

The annual conference is designed for these medical professionals and to meet their specific needs concerning educational opportunities, exhibit hall vendors as well as a robust schedule of events and activities.

OR Today was among the exhibitors at the expo as they promoted the magazine and the brand new OR Today Live! Surgical Conference set for Las Vegas later this year.

OR Today Magazine | Industry Insights | AORN

The OR Today booth was manned by MD Publishing executives, including President and Founder John Krieg, Vice President Kristin Leavoy and Trade Show Coordinator Bethany Williams. MD Publishing produces three magazines, including OR Today.

Denver was a popular destination with a packed exhibit hall each day of the conference. Attendees swarmed the OR Today booth where readers praised the magazine and newcomers quickly signed up for a free subscription.

The magnitude of the AORN Surgical Conference & Expo never ceases to amaze. Leavoy described it as an important journey for AORN members and health care professionals.

“I think of AORN as being a mecca for OR professionals,” she explained. “It is a pilgrimage taken each year to learn and improve their skill set.”

“We think the attendee base at AORN is by far one of the most dedicated in the industry,” she added. “When you interact with the attendees, you get a sense of how passionate they are about their careers.”

Williams was amazed by the turnout at the annual conference and said she is “excited” about attending the 2016 event in Anaheim, California.

“AORN was fantastic,” Williams said. “We had the opportunity to meet a lot of new readers and we received a lot of great feedback from our existing readers. They told us what they love about the magazine.”

Williams said OR Today added 600 new subscribers and the “Nurse Pill” stress ball given away to attendees at the OR Today booth “was the hit of the show.”

“It is definitely something we want to participate in next year,” Williams said about the 2016 AORN Surgical Conference & Expo.

Leavoy said the conference provided great interaction with the readers of OR Today.

“It was very heartwarming to have the readers come up and say, ‘I know your magazine. I’ve been reading it for 10 years,’ ” Leavoy said. “It was also nice to share the magazine with others and attract new readers.”OR Today Magazine | Industry Insights | AORN

Individuals are able to improve their knowledge and expand their understanding of the OR setting as well as examine the latest high-tech devices available for perioperative nurses, surgeons and technicians at the annual AORN conference.

The House of Delegates of AORN also elected its Board of Directors and Nominating and Leadership Development Committee for the 2015-2016 term. The board of directors was inducted into office during the AORN annual Congress at the Surgical Conference & Expo.

The election also marked the beginning of the term for Renae N. Battié, MN, RN, CNOR, as Association president replacing Victoria Steelman, PhD, RN, CNOR, FAAN. Battié, associate vice president, Perioperative Services for CHI Franciscan Health in Tacoma, Washington, has been a perioperative nurse for 28 years and a member of AORN since 1980.OR Today Magazine | Industry Insights | AORN

The results of the board election also included that of Treasurer Stephanie S. Davis, MSHA, RN, CNOR. Davis is vice president, surgical services, at Hospital Corporation of America (HCA), Nashville, Tennessee. The newest members of the board also include Sandy Albright, MSHM, BSN, RN, CNOR; George Allen, PhD, MS, BSN, RN, CNOR, CIC; James (Jay) Bowers, BSN, RN, CNOR, TNCC; and Jane Flowers, MSN, RN, CNOR.

AORN continuing board members for 2015-2016 are: Vice President Callie S. Craig, MS, BSN, RN, CNOR, clinical director for surgical services at INTEGRIS Baptist Medical Center in Oklahoma City; Secretary Nathalie Walker, MBA, BS, RN, CNOR, a member of the Louisiana Nursing Supply and Demand Commission, a subcommittee of the Health Works Commission of Louisiana; Sandy Albright, MSHM, BSN, RN, CNOR; Holly Ervine, MSN, RN, CNOR; Donna Ford, MSN, RN-BC, CNOR, CRCST; and Missi Merlino, MHA, RN-BC, CNOR.

Newly elected to the Nominating and Leadership Development Committee (NLDC) are Kristy Simmons, MSN, RN, CNOR, and Kristy Wheeler, BSN, RN, CNOR, CST.

AORN continuing NLDC members for 2015-2016 are Vangie Dennis, BSN, RN, CMLSO, CNOR, as chair; Steve Balog, MSN, BSN, RN, CNOR; and Merideth Lewis-Cooney, BSN, RN, CNOR.



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