Amolea™ AT2 from AGC Chemicals Americas, Inc. is a fluorinated precision cleaning solvent that provides medical device manufacturers a safer, highly effective and environmentally friendly alternative to n-propyl bromide and trichloroethylene solvents. Amolea AT2 is used to clean a range of medical devices like orthopedic implants, catheters, tubes, scopes, needles, dental devices and surgical tools, to name a few applications.

AGC will feature Amolea AT2 at the BIOMEDevice Expo, Booth 235, May 15-16 in Boston, MA.

Amolea AT2 has no ozone depletion potential, low global warming potential and is non-flammable, which lets users more easily meet environmental regulations. Amolea AT2 is also energy efficient because of its low latent heat of vaporization.

“AGC developed Amolea AT2 cleaning solvent to help medical device manufacturers comply with environmental regulations more easily and to make workers’ jobs safer and easier,” said Jim Scott, AGC technical manager.

Amolea AT2 demonstrates excellent solvency with a wide variety of press, cutting, silicone and refrigerant oils; greases; asphalt pitches; and fluxes used in the electronics industry. It is approved for use as a precision cleaner, defluxing agent, carrier solvent for silicone and fluorinated lubricants, and moisture displacement fluid.

Amolea AT2 joins AGC’s AsahiKlin AE-3000 series of environmentally sensible fluorinated solvents, which were designed to replace halogenated solvents having unfavorable environmental properties. Click here for more information about Amolea AT2.