Accreditation standards are a hot topic for OR Today readers and health care professionals, especially when an expert presents a webinar on the subject.

A recent webinar in the OR Today series “AAAHC Accreditation Standards Updates for 2015” presented by Ray Grundman, MSN, MPS, FNP-BC, CASC, was the most popular one in 2015 with a record high 84 attendees and the best overall rating at 4.4 on a 5-point scale.

Grundman provided a thorough and easy-to-follow look at all major changes listed in the 2015 Handbook of Accreditation Standards. He also took time to point out and discuss changes that are especially relevant to specific types of organizations.

Grundman took time to answer all of the questions posed by attendees in written format and the Q&A is posted on the OR Today website at along with a webinar workbook and a recording of his presentation. The workbook includes a worksheet with true/false statements to aid attendees as they view the presentation.

Attendees were impressed and thankful for the informative webinar.

“(The) presentation was given at a nice pace that was easy to follow. All information was relevant to the topic as advertised,” attendee Judy K. wrote in her post-webinar survey.

“Mr. Grundman was informative and concise with the information he provided,” Cathy S. shared in her survey.

The OR Today webinar series as a whole also received high marks.

“Your presentations assist us in managing our expenses while providing professional development opportunities,” Kris S. wrote.

“OR Today’s webinar series is a valuable tool that is available to anyone who wants to keep up to date on their selected field of practice,” Elodia F. wrote in her survey.

The webinar series continues with sessions scheduled for each month throughout the remainder of 2015. Carol Stamas, RN, will present “Mind the Gap: Raising the Bar with Patient-Focused Warming Strategies” on June 22 at 2 p.m. The webinar, sponsored by Encompass Group, will help identify patient-focused warming strategies to bank heat, prevent cutaneous heat loss, and maintain normothermia throughout a patient’s perioperative journey. Heat loss in the preoperative pathway will be explained as well as the benefits of prewarming or banking heat.

Additional information about upcoming webinars and links to previous sessions are available online at