Medtronic Receives FDA Approval for Pipeline Flex Embolization Device with Shield Technology

Medtronic plc announced it has received approval from the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for Pipeline Flex Embolization Device with Shield Technology.

CBET Announces Purdue Partnership at MD Expo

Purdue University is pairing its online courses to prepare health care professionals for the Certified Registered Central Service Technician exam with an externship program that gets them the 400 hours of experiential learning they must have to take the exam and become certified.

Avidicare Launches Opragon in a Box

Opragon In a Box is an all-in-one health care ventilation system that creates an ultra-clean zone for infection sensitive surgery.

EarthSafe Launches EvaClean Disposable Surface Disinfection Wipes

EarthSafe has enhanced its end-to-end infection prevention solution with the addition of the EvaClean Dry Wipes System.

3M Helps Streamline Sterilization Workflow for V-PRO users

Health care facilities now have access to a more comprehensive solution for vaporized hydrogen peroxide (VH2O2) sterilization processes with the U.S. Food & Drug Administration’s 510(k) clearance of 3M Comply Hydrogen Peroxide Indicator Tape 1228 and 3M Comply Hydrogen Peroxide Chemical Indicator 1248 for use in AMSCO V-PRO 1, AMSCO V-PRO 1 Plus and AMSCO V-PRO maX Low Temperature Sterilization Systems.

This announcement, in conjunction with the recent FDA 510(k) clearance for a 24-minute 3M Attest Rapid Readout Biological Indicator System, means that the 3M VH2O2 sterilization process monitoring package is complete, further helping to streamline workflows and increase ease of use.

“With this announcement, sterilization professionals using VPRO sterilizer systems can now receive the workflow benefits of using the fastest BI readout currently on the market – along with a chemical indicator and indicator tape that utilize the same 3M indicator color change system, from blue to pink,” said Srini Raman, 3M business director of device reprocessing. “This comprehensive package can streamline the VH2O2 sterilization process, which makes it easier for sterilization professionals to consistently monitor every load.”

The Comply Indicator Tape 1228 consists of non-cellulose material with pressure-sensitive adhesive on one side and blue indicator stripes on the other side. The Comply Chemical Indicator 1248 also has blue indicator stripes. As with the exposure indicator on top of the 1295 Attest Biological Indicator, the indicator stripes turn from blue to pink after exposure to VH2O2.

The Comply Hydrogen Peroxide Indicator Tape 1228 and Comply Hydrogen Peroxide Chemical Indicator 1248 are already cleared for use in STERRAD 100 System, STERRAD 100S System, STERRAD NX System (standard and advanced cycles), and STERRAD 100NX System (standard, flex, express and duo cycles) vaporized hydrogen peroxide sterilizers.

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