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3 Questions to Ask Before Purchasing a Refurbished Surgical Table

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By Matt Cameron, Biomedical Support Specialist

Matt Cameron, Biomedical Support Specialist

Matt Cameron, Biomedical Support Specialist

A refurbished surgical table is a good investment for almost any medical facility but finding a properly refurbished table from a reputable equipment source can require some extra research and purchasing considerations. In this article, I’ll discuss the benefits of purchasing a refurbished surgical table and how to choose the right equipment refurbishment partner.

The most obvious advantage of purchasing a refurbished surgical table is the discounted price. Opting for a refurbished table allows your facility to have a like-new surgical table that is comparable in terms of function and longevity with the proper care and maintenance – at a fraction of the price.

Choosing a less expensive refurbished surgery table over a new model can leave some room in your facility’s budget, allowing you to allocate more money to bigger projects. For example, save on a refurbished surgery table and put the savings toward new imaging equipment or a new procedure suite.

Purchasing a refurbished surgical table similar to the model you are already using also eliminates the learning curve that inevitably occurs when there is a change in your facility’s workflow. Instead of training your staff on new, cutting-edge technology, you can stay with a platform you already know.

How to Find the Right Equipment Refurbishment Partner

While a refurbished surgery table can offer your facility a variety of benefits, it is important to understand that these advantages only apply to properly refurbished equipment from a reputable company. Not all equipment refurbishment sources are comparable in experience and skill.

Avoiding the pitfalls of paying for an improperly refurbished surgical table requires some additional research when compared to shopping for a brand-new table. Here are some questions to consider before choosing an equipment partner.

Does the company have the necessary industry experience?

Be sure to find out about the company’s history and current market standing. Ask how long the company has been in business, and how long they have been refurbishing surgical tables.

You should also make sure that the company you choose has access to industry-standard, late model surgical tables. Choosing a table that has been tested and approved by the market is crucial and finding a later model will help to ensure that the table is still supported by the manufacturer.

Does the company follow a set protocol for refurbishing surgical tables?

The company you choose should have a standard refurbishment process that is transparent and addresses all aspects of the table. This process should include evaluation, refurbishment, repairing and testing.

Here is an example of a typical refurbishment process for a surgical table:

  • Evaluation: When a surgical table arrives at the facility, technicians perform a full evaluation of the table to assess its condition.
  • Biomedical Refurbishment: Technicians replace, adjust and verify the effectiveness of the table’s working parts.
  • Cosmetic Refurbishment: The table is cleaned and polished, with new patient pads and labels applied.
  • Testing: The table is thoroughly tested to make sure it meets original equipment manufacturer specifications.

Does the company employ dedicated surgical table technicians?

Another sign that a company will be a good refurbished equipment provider is if they dedicate significant time and effort specifically toward surgical table refurbishment. Ask whether the company employs technicians with skills directly related to surgical tables, and if they maintain a dedicated area to table refurbishment and testing.

Refurbished surgical tables offer a variety of benefits to medical facilities but finding a reliable equipment partner can take some extra legwork. Be sure to use the above questions to help guide your research for a smoother purchasing process.

Matt Cameron is a Biomedical Support Specialist for the Avante Health Solutions Louisville Center of Excellence. To learn more about Avante’s selection of professionally refurbished surgical tables, visit



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