Rush Oak Park Hospital Adopts Surgical Workflow Technology, ExplORer Surgical, Increasing Team Confidence and Reducing OR Challenges

ExplORer Surgical, the only comprehensive intraoperative case support and workflow platform, has reinvented the way surgical support teams prepare and complete effective surgeries with two-way video for case support and remote proctoring to create a digitized playbook.

AORN Releases 2021 Guidelines for Perioperative Practice

The Association of periOperative Registered Nurses (AORN) has published the 2021 Guidelines for Perioperative Practice with six revised guidelines.

Masimo Announces iSirona Connectivity Hub

Masimo has announced the global launch of iSirona, a compact, versatile connectivity hub designed to maximize interoperability across the continuum of care.

DJO Acquires Trilliant Surgical

DJO LLC, a global provider of medical technologies to get and keep people moving, has announced the acquisition of Trilliant Surgical, a national provider of foot and ankle orthopedic implants.

OR Today Joins Perioperative Nurse Week Celebration


WHEREAS, perioperative nurses specialize in the care of patients immediately before, during, and after surgical and other invasive procedures; and


WHEREAS, serving in settings ranging from traditional hospital-based

operating rooms to ambulatory surgery centers and physicians’ offices, perioperative nurses work to provide the safest care possible for patients undergoing surgical and other invasive procedures; and


WHEREAS, perioperative nurses assess individual patient needs prior to and throughout the surgical or invasive experience, develop, implement, and continuously evaluate a plan for the care of the patient, and prepare the operating room and patient for their procedure; and


WHEREAS, perioperative nurses are responsible for monitoring all aspects of the patient’s condition for the duration of each procedure and, through professional and patient-centered expertise, are responsible for care coordination after the procedure.


WHEREAS, patients undergoing surgery and other invasive procedures and their loved ones rely on the skills, knowledge, and expertise of perioperative registered nurses, who uphold a long tradition of improving surgical safety and the quality of patient care; and


WHEREAS, Perioperative Nurse Week recognizes the contributions perioperative registered nurses make to patient safety and the opportunities and challenges facing the profession;

Therefore, we at OR Today do hereby join in honoring and celebrating 2017 Perioperative Nurse Week (November 12-18)!

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