The medical staff at SurgCenter Pinellas wasn’t sure they heard it right – put your navy blue surgical scrubs into the laundry with regular bleach and “wash ‘em like they’re white.” The 25-person surgical team recently made the switch to SAF-T scrubs, a new line of health care apparel by Prime Medical that is made to be laundered and sanitized in good, old-fashioned, chlorine bleach without fading the color. But what was even more surprising is what happens to the scrubs after the wash.

“Each time SAF-T scrubs are washed with EPA-registered bleach, the patented fabric binds and retains a lasting shield of chlorine molecules,” says Jim Sampey, Prime Medical CEO. “It’s an amazing breakthrough in fabric technology that is transforming scrubs into powerful tools to fight germs with every fiber. On the surface, SAF-T scrubs look like other surgical scrubs, but with the simple step of laundering with bleach, they’re powered with germ-killing protection that benefits staff and patients.”

Prime Medical launched in June 2016 with a line of privacy curtains, bed linens, patient gowns, lab coats and towels – and is bringing its products to health care facilities in Florida and across the country.