The Xenoscope is a single-use, sterile, and lightweight HD scope that provides exceptional image quality at a fraction of the cost of current systems on the market. It features pre-white balanced LED lighting for convenience and simplicity in use. Offered terminally sterile, the device also eliminates the risk of disease transmission from patient cross contamination. The scopes are available in 10mm with 0-degree and 30-degree options. With its HD imaging, the Xenoscope brings significantly improved value with lower-cost patient care. It interfaces with our Xenobox, with industry standard USB and HDMI connectors, plug-and-play versatility, capable of displaying images on a variety of HD monitors, tablets, laptops and smartphone devices. Its unique design eliminates fogging, has low temperature LED illumination that virtually eliminates burn risk, enhancing patient safety. Being terminally sterile, it reduces operating room turnover time. The convenience, cost savings and patient safety benefits of the Xenoscope make it an invaluable addition to every surgical suite.

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