With his wife’s history of infections and a complicated surgery looming, Jack Gunter wanted to make sure her medical team took every measure available to reduce the chance of post-surgery complications or infections. After learning about Tru-D SmartUVC, Gunter inquired about utilizing the UV technology in the operating room prior to his wife’s leg amputation. As a Tru-D hospital, the staff made arrangements for the germ-eliminating robot to disinfect the room prior to the procedure. Gunter says his wife is now well on her way to recovery and is successfully using a prosthetic leg after her above-the-knee amputation.

“Having Tru-D was great for our mental framework,” said Gunter. “My wife’s two prior, major surgeries resulted in two different bacteria in her leg which was the reason for the amputation. We will never know what caused those infections, but knowing Tru-D was going to be used helped us feel everything was being done to make sure she did not have an infection with the amputation.”

Once a hospital staff member cleans a room using traditional cleaning methods, Tru-D is brought in to complete the process. Its patented Sensor360 technology analyzes the space, including shape, size and contents, to determine the proper UV dose to be administered. Spending the minimum time necessary to successfully eliminate infectious germs from all room surfaces, including shadowed areas, Tru-D alerts the operator when the disinfection process is complete.

Tru-D has been clinically validated by more than a dozen third-party studies including the recent Benefits of Enhanced Terminal Room Disinfection (BETR-D) study funded by the Centers for Disease Control. •


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