transmotion-1TransMotion Medical has announced that it offers a plastic surgery stretcher-chair. The device is designed to accommodate the growing number of outpatient plastic and cosmetic surgery procedures performed for patients at hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers. With patient satisfaction, and safer and more efficient processes in demand, this stretcher-chair offers a solution for healthcare facilities.

Each unit is equipped with two batteries and a wall-mount charger. This allows for continuous, long-lasting, mobile power that converts the unit from pre-op chair, to surgical table, to recovery recliner – all at the push of a button. Also, the powered stretcher-chairs allow the patient to stay on one surface – eliminating non-value add transfers. This delivers reduced patient fall and staff injury risk for safe patient handling.

The articulating headpiece is ideal for facial plastics for head positioning and access to the patient. The tall, 40-inch stretcher height setting is one of the highest, ergonomic settings in the industry for surgeons and surgical teams.

The TransMotion Plastic Surgery Stretcher-Chair is utilized for facial plastics, oculoplastics, cosmetic surgery, blepharoplasty, breast augmentation, abdominoplasty, liposuction, reconstructive surgery, hand surgeries, patient transport and more. It’s a fully mobile unit that allows patient transport in chair or stretcher position and anything in-between.

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